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Her purse and black Samsung mobile phone were also gone.

and a third ring made of silver and with tribal markings and a turquoise stone.

Shoes Prada 2017

and hit the back of my head on the steps. I felt my bag being tugged and then I cannot remember anything else except all I could smell was stale bitter and that he had a pointy nose.

"I thought 'I will just carry on walking and hopefully he will just go away,' but then he smacked me in the face.

"I just worry if it happens again somebody else might not be as lucky as me they could end up losing their life over a few possessions."

"I have always felt quite an independent and strong woman and things tended not to really bother me but what happened has changed my perspective on things.

Police are keen to speak to anyone who may have witnessed the incident or spotted a man matching the description in the area.

Shoes Prada 2017

Shoes Prada 2017

Mrs Briggs said the next thing she remembers is seeing her husband Tim, a 26 year old support worker, and her sister at home.

The robber had taken from Mrs Briggs' fingers her white gold wedding band, her white gold engagement ring which has five stones in a row on it, Prada Shoe Sale Shopstyle

"I do not know how I managed to get home. I walked home down Drayton Road by myself, crossed a main road and I do not White Ralph Lauren Shoes

Robbers snatch wedding ring from woman's finger in Norwich attack

remember anything.

Mrs Briggs, who suffered a minor head injury and has had a continuous headache since the robbery, said her outlook has changed because of what happened.

"It is the most horrendous experience of my life. I hope they can catch him because if he does this to somebody else next time it could be even worse.

"I do not feel safe walking about, not on my own. Every time I see someone in a black hoodie and black trousers it is horrible."

"I could handle being smacked in the face and having my phone taken but it is knowing that he actually touched my hand and took my rings from me that I cannot handle. I cannot sleep properly at the moment."

The robber is described as being white, in his late 20s, of large build and 5ft 9in to 5ft 10in tall. He was wearing a black hooded jumper and dark trousers.

"My wedding day was the happiest day of my life and a part of that has been taken away. I feel lost," she said.

Shoes Prada 2017

Shoes Prada 2017

Shoes Prada 2017

"You just do not expect something like that to happen at that time of day. It worries me," she said.

She added: "Even though it was bad it could have been a lot worse because I could have ended up being killed. It worries me. If that can happen once it could happen again. You see things like that on the news and you never think it will happen to you but then it does and it changes everything.

"There is half an hour to 45 minutes of time that I cannot account for. They (medical staff) think I was knocked unconscious," she said.

Det Con Carly Jermy said: "The victim has been left shocked and devastated at the loss of her wedding and engagement rings and we would urge anyone who believes they have any information to make contact immediately."

"I just feel horrendous. In a way I feel sort of dirty. It is like being violated.

"His accent was local too."

Shoes Prada 2017

Shoes Prada 2017

Shoes Prada 2017

"I went down and hit the ground, Lacoste Shoes For Infants

Shoes Prada 2017

"Hopefully Shoes Prada 2017 somebody will have seen something. At that time of day people must have been about.

Twenty eight year old Rachel Briggs, left, described what happened to her in Wensum Park as the most horrendous experience of her life, and said it was the first time her wedding ring had been off her finger since she was married just over a year ago.

"I walked up Oak Street, the same way I walk every day. I went down some steps at Wensum Park and a man in a black hood and black trousers told me to give him my bag in a really angry way," she said.

Shoes Prada 2017

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