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"If Balotelli plays the way he can, I think it'll be 2 1 Italy," Salituri predicted.

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How excited is he to watch the Azzurri battle Spain, a team attempting to win a third consecutive major title?

Like many others in Sault Ste. Marie's large Italian community, Celli intends to visit the Marconi Club "We're hoping it's packed," he chuckled and gather in front of televisions to watch Italy take on Spain at the Olympic Stadium in Kiev, Ukraine.

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And Spain's defence hasn't been beaten for a goal in that country's last nine knockout games.

Striker Mario Balotelli scored a pair of impressive first half goals Thursday, and Baldassarro spoke of how he believes Prada Mens Shoes Ss 2017 Prandelli "has his (Balotelli) energy focused. I really think Italy will win by a goal or two. It'll either be 2 0 or 3 1."

A 54 year old regional program manager for the ministry of community and social services, Baldassarro plans to be one of many Italy fans who'll watch the big game at the home of Paul DiFlumeri, his cousin.

"I feel Italy's strength up the middle gives them the advantage," he said. "But Mario has to have another strong game."

Along with several others Thursday afternoon, Celli was at Salituri's home to watch Italy's 2 1 semifinal victory over Germany.

Spain is on the Palladium Green Boots

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Since opening the tourney with a 1 1 draw Ralph Lauren Trainers Sale Uk

They've reached the final with the fewest goals conceded since West Germany won the Euro championship 40 years ago.

"They're working as a team. They're very aggressive and very determined," he added. "They're playing really good positional soccer. If we play the way we have the last two games, against England and Germany especially, I feel we have a good chance of winning."

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Salituri has plans to host another soccer party Sunday.

While Celli believes the game is "a toss up," he believes the Italians are playing some excellent soccer.

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Salituri also likes Italy's chances.

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Prada Mens Shoes Ss 2017

Prada Mens Shoes Ss 2017

Cesare Prandelli has publicly admitted Spain would enter the game as favourites.

And if he does?

He knows he can't be on the soccer pitch.

Italian coach Palladium Shoes Black

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with the Italians, the Spaniards haven't been scored upon.

"In sports, the only thing that gets my blood boiling is when Italia is playing," added John Salituri, a 53 year old physiotherapist.

"I think I'll have to go out and get a defibrillator for the house," he joked.

Whatever happens Sunday, Baldassarro believes the much anticipated game will provide fans with "a feast for the eyes. It'll be a pleasure to behold, to watch such fantastic skill and unbelievable passing."

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"I'm really excited about Sunday," Baldassarro said. "Both teams have the ability to possess the ball for long periods of time, but I think the key to the game is who can finish around the net."

"You have the spirit at the Marconi and you feel that when you're cheering, you're making a real contribution," said the 73 year old retired school teacher. "You feel as if your cheering gives the team a real lift."

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Still, Tony Celli plans to be on familiar ground Sunday when he watches his beloved Italy play in the Euro 2012 final.

Still, Paul Baldassarro thinks the Italian team is peaking.

verge of becoming the first team to retain its European title after winning the World Cup.

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