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"It wasn't a hard decision. I think that I've got an extremely good council to work with right now," Rondeau said. "The people at the MD of Bonnyville are fantastic. They're very understanding and very supportive, so making the decision to run again was not difficult."

MD of Bonnyville Reeve Ed Rondeau will be running for a second term in the upcoming municipal election.

"I think those things are extremely important," he said.

"I believe there's still some work to be done in that direction in order to continue as a rural municipality," Rondeau said. "I don't think regional government is the answer for the MD of Bonnyville. Talking to many of the residents of the MD of Bonnyville, it's not something they want."

Black Prada Shoes Mens

"Cost sharing is something that the MD ratepayers have supported for a long time and we are doing some cost Lacoste Casual Shoes For Men 2016

Black Prada Shoes Mens

While Rondeau vowed to oppose revenue sharing and regional government if re elected. He Lv Shoes 2016

"Roads are of course going to be a huge priority. We were trying to improve the way we do business when it comes to roads," he said. "We're trying to be more efficient and frugal."

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sharing on various things," he said. He pointed to the 9 year cost sharing agreements reached with the Town of Bonnyville and Glendon to help pay for recreational services used by MD residents. A similar cost sharing deal was offered to Cold Lake, which would have given the city a little over $1 million a year to help pay for recreational services, a deal Rondeau said is "still on the table."

similar to a series of recent meetings held with constituents across the MD.

In addition to keeping the MD out of a regional government, Rondeau said he will continue his opposition to revenue sharing between the MD, which collects millions of dollars in oil assessment revenue, and neighbouring municipalities.

Rondeau set to run for second term at MD helm

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Black Prada Shoes Mens

Black Prada Shoes Mens

Black Prada Shoes Mens

Prior to his current term as MD reeve, Rondeau spent nine years as a councillor for the Town of Bonnyville, three years as a school trustee and one term as an MD councillor before becoming reeve. He said his experience, especially as reeve, is a valuable asset for a job that he says is becoming a full time position.

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Black Prada Shoes Mens

Black Prada Shoes Mens

Rondeau said maintaining and upgrading MD roads also ranks high on his plans if he receives a second term.

Rondeau said he wants to keep voters informed about the municipality's direction by holding more town hall meetings Ralph Lauren Shoes Brown

said cost sharing with other municipalities on various projects is "a totally different ball of wax."

Rondeau said if he is re elected he will work to preserve a rural lifestyle and "maintain the integrity of the MD." He said he will also push back against efforts by Cold Lake for a regional government in the Lakeland.

"Revenue sharing is not something that the MD of Bonnyville . is looking at doing because there's no legislation to get revenue sharing going," Rondeau said. Black Prada Shoes Mens "Revenue sharing really is taking my tax dollars and giving them to someone else. Perhaps down the road it will work that way, but when it does it will be a mandated thing by the province."

Black Prada Shoes Mens

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