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During his time as Marillion's iconic vocalist the group enjoyed major top ten singles with Kayleigh, Lavender and Incommunicado as well as platinum number one album with 1985's Misplaced Childhood.

The emotion captured on 13th Star is apparent and Fish has delivered what many consider to be the finest moments of his career.

Louis Vuitton Blue Sneakers

Louis Vuitton Blue Sneakers

Louis Vuitton Blue Sneakers

Place on Thursday, November 25, as part of his major 2008 world tour, entitled The Search for the 13th Star.

career to date a fitting testament to his enduring talent, resilience and determination.

"I was well aware that it was the thirteenth album but having recently broken up with a long term girlfriend, I was also involved in a lot of introspection and reflection about relationships."

Louis Vuitton Blue Sneakers

Louis Vuitton Blue Sneakers

Louis Vuitton Blue Sneakers

This is brilliantly captured in the current live show that will also include many highlights from Fish's long and varied past.

With four successful albums with Marillion and eight studio albums in his own right, the title of his new project may, perhaps, seem obvious. But, as you would expect from an enigma such as Fish, there is more to the story than just a numerical accident.

through life and relationships in search of the one true, ultimate Louis Vuitton Blue Sneakers love represented by the Thirteenth Star".

Louis Vuitton Blue Sneakers

The mighty Fish, who fronted classic rock act Marillion during their heyday, drops in with his band to perform at Oakengates Theatreat The Louis Vuitton Sneakers Promotion

Fish, always a maverick artist and consummate performer, has achieved a high level of success during his 27 years in the music business and has created an album seen as the best in his Lacoste White Shoes Womens

He explains: "In November 2006 I had just completed the 'Return to Childhood' tour where I had been performing the Misplaced Childhood album for it's 20th anniversary and knew that I had to turn my attention to producing a new studio album.

Rock legend Fish comes to Telford Express Star

Support act Stone Sole River, a contemporary three piece in classic rock tradition, evoke the finer moments of 70s hard rock, progressive blues, acoustic folk and psychedelia.

Having already been to North America and currently completing European dates, the tour celebrates Fish's latest studio album, the critically acclaimed 13th Star, released earlier in the year.

Louis Vuitton Blue Sneakers

Louis Vuitton Blue Sneakers

"Earlier in the year, during a trip to Egypt, I visited the Valley of the Kings and had noticed thousands of hand painted stars on the ceilings of the tombs which denoted Heaven. The image stayed in my mind and, as stars are associated with navigation and travel, so the 13th Star was born.

"The album is about a journey Ziane Lacoste Shoes

Louis Vuitton Blue Sneakers

Louis Vuitton Blue Sneakers

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