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Sadness as striking sphynx cat killed in Knapton

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"I would like to put out a big 'thank you' to everybody who tried to help," said Mr Walland. "They didn't have to do it, but they did and we are very grateful. We really miss him. He had become a real member of the family." Philipp Plein Sneakers

The family own 11 assorted cats, including a female sphynx cat, Amber. They have found some comfort in the fact that she is expecting kittens, fathered by Anubis, in about five weeks' time.

Jonathan Walland from Knapton with his Sphynx cat Amber. ANTONY KELLY

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had called at his house to say they had seen the unusual cat on the Mundesley Road and had tried to catch it or "shoo" it away from danger. One person at first thought he was a piglet until they spotted the ears.

Mr Walland, 65, said he, his wife Linda, 59, and son Jonathan, 31, had rescued Anubis from "disgusting" conditions at a property in Lincolnshire about five and a half weeks earlier. Anubis had been kept in a cage and ill treated so that he was scared of humans.

Philipp Plein Sneakers

Philipp Plein Sneakers

Walland's Sphynx cat Amber. ANTONY KELLY

Philipp Plein Sneakers

Their daughter Hilary Walland, 36, from Walsingham, also has a female sphynx cat which is pregnant by Anubis.

Philipp Plein Sneakers

Anubis, a two and a half year old male, escaped through an open window at Mr Walland's home in School Close, Knapton, and was hit and killed by a vehicle.

He was still alive but severely injured when two 10 year old girls found him and alerted the Walland family who had spent about 12 hours frantically looking for their missing pet. He died on a water bed about an hour later.

Philipp Plein Sneakers

He had responded well to kindness and was very affectionate but had never been outside before.

One woman had gone home and looked up the breed on the internet, realised how valuable it was and had returned to the scene with help to try and find him.

Philipp Plein Sneakers

Philipp Plein Sneakers

after he was killed, Mr Walland said about five motorists New Palladium Boots

Philipp Plein Sneakers

Philipp Plein Sneakers

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