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"We never had tanks or attack helicopters in Bosnia. . . . There are tanks in Afghanistan and attack helicopters are operating in Sector 7 in Afghanistan," Ross said, adding there has been considerable advancement in weapons and combat capability in the past decade.

The 49 year old Richards Landing resident will be deployed next month for a six month rotation. The specific dates for deployment and redeployment are unknown.

It's common knowledge, Ross said, that Canada has deployed artillery to Afghanistan, which wasn't the case in Bosnia.

The Star

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Currently, Ross is involved with the Canadian Forces Liaison Council in Ottawa, which includes civilian volunteers from private industry, along with a support network of military officers and civilians.

six countries, including Canada, which have committed military forces under the International Security Assistance Force, operated under the United Nations.

Ross will be a member of the Regional Command South Headquarters, located in southern Afghanistan, and will be closely involved in operations and planning.

"I owe a debt of gratitude to my employer and my family," Ross said. "I am not going to predispose myself one way or another. Men Louis Vuitton Sneaker It's important when I get back to return to Algoma Mutual Insurance and fulfill my commitment to them and spend time with my family."

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"I cannot blame them for wanting to go," Ross said, adding as a parent, it's more nerve wracking watching his son sent off, than to be deployed himself.

forces in Afghanistan.

Ross said day to day operations in Bosnia were more restrictive and largely defensive in nature compared to the present, more aggressive approach to combat and rules of engaging enemy Louis Vuitton Mens Sandals

The youngest boy, Alec, is a high school student at Central Algoma Secondary School and plans a career in firefighting.

"Combat engineers are working very effectively to engage in the Taliban Improvised Explosive Device capability, a very different focus than (in) Bosnia than cleaning mines in fields," Ross said. "In Afghanistan it's a tactical, aggressive posture to catch the people making them (IED), an entirely different thrust."

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Ross follows in son's footsteps

As many as 200 soldiers per year were sent overseas during his command of the 33rd. Brigade.

In the past three months, Ross has undertaken pre deployment training and testing in Kingston, Ont., and Europe.

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Thomas, the middle son, is presently attending University in Sudbury. A reservist with the 49th Field Regiment, he has volunteered for a tour of duty. His pre deployment training begins in March and is expected to leave for Afghanistan in Feb. 2010.

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Ross did not retire or step away from the Canadian Forces following the Bosnian mission, but transferred from the regular component of the military to its reserves, changing the terms of service in which he trains and serves.

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After a decade away from combat, Col. Cameron Ross will leave his family, job and politics behind and join the countless Canadian military personnel presently stationed in war torn Afghanistan.

With respect to his political intentions, Ross, who ran twice unsuccessfully for the federal Conservatives in the Sault Ste. Marie riding, said he will not have any political involvement during the time he wears the uniform. Upon his return, he will examine what potential there is.

"The genuine assistance we are bringing to the country, I think any reasonable person would understand, reflects our Canadian values," Ross said. "We want to see this through."

Ross is not the only member of his household or his extended family to choose the Canadian Forces as a career.

In doing so, he has been able to remain current with respect to tactics and skills.

More than 600 reservists are deployed every six months and the Canadian Forces relies on the goodwill of employers and schools to allow soldiers to take time away for training and missions.

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Cameron and Laura Ross's oldest of three sons, Eric, deployed to Afghanistan for a seven month rotation in 2007. Eric is presently stationed in Petawawa, Ont., with the Canadian Special Operations Regiment.

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With respect to Canada's presence in Afghanistan and whether it's the right move, Ross said he believes in the mission. His support is reinforced from soldiers to whom he has spoken, who say Canada is instrumental in helping the Afghan people in trying to bring peace and stability to what was a failed state, and assisting it in becoming a functioning democratic state.

The rules of engagement this time around are far different from those of his last deployment to Bosnia.

In fact, in the past 10 years, Ross has trained countless soldiers for overseas missions.

Sector South HQ controls military forces from Lacoste Carnaby Evo Gold

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