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I don't think there should be a blame game going on right now. Lots of people tried to make a team work in Cornwall, but ultimately, it's not working.

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Sad for all the people who bought team jerseys and other merchandise, and wore it proudly to games and around town.

Last year, for example, the CMLA had no peewee or bantam travelling ("rep") teams, due to both low enrollment and the difficulty in acquiring a coaching staff.

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But things have changed this spring, and it's thanks to a couple of former players in the system, Tyler Barnhart and Nick Sanseverino, who both went on to play at a high level of junior lacrosse with the Akwesasne Indians.

Palladium Boots Discount

Palladium Boots Discount

We're hearing that the 13 and 14 year olds on the squad are excited Lv Loafers Red

Palladium Boots Discount

Palladium Boots Discount

Maybe that'll change in a year from now, when ice rental contracts are up for negotiation. Maybe Cornwall will come back into the LNAH at some point.

It's a significant commitment. The Celtics play zone games, in tournaments and at the provincials. They have a couple of practices a week, and they do dryland training.

Palladium Boots Discount

about having a couple of young, energetic coaches on the bench.

Except, as for many things in life, you can get an answer about puzzling situations, when you remind yourself of this simple, important mantra: Always follow the dollar.

Always follow the dollar it provides the best answer on why the River Kings can't make a go of it in Cornwall, even with the second best attendance numbers in the league.

Barnhart and Sanseverino have given back to their old organization in a big way, coming back on board to coach the bantam Celtics.

It wasn't that long ago when Sanseverino and Barnhart were coming up through the CMLA system. And now the next generation of lacrosse stars from Cornwall are apparently in good hands.

Sad for so many kids, many of them in the team's kid's club, who were developing an attachment to a pro franchise, that, all of a sudden, just goes away.

How does little Johnny's dad explain that to anyone who may want to listen?

Sad week for Cornwall River Kings' fans

How do you explain that to little Johnny?

And now the team is gone.

Especially when, for what turns out to be the team's last game, over 3,000 people are in attendance. And on a Monday night.

And it's not just Barnhart and Sanseverino who are helping keep minor lacrosse alive in Cornwall. Former Celtics Joree Phoenix and Shawn Fontaine who both played field lacrosse at the University of Western Ontario are involved in coaching, too.

Which is, on the surface, bewildering.

your most despised rival expresses sadness about a franchise's fate, then, yeah, it's a pretty sad situation.

Like, that's pretty good, eh?

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Not with the current economic setup, it's not.

Sad for the diehard fans hundreds Palladium Boots Discount of them who made their way down to the civic complex every Saturday night, sometimes battling through snowstorms or freezing rain to get there.

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Palladium Boots Discount

Dean Lygitsakos, coach and general manager of the Jonquiere Marquis up in the Saguenay region and an important guy at the Ligue Nord Americaine de Hockey conference table said to me a few times in a phone conversation earlier this week that the River Kings' situation is "pretty sad".

As Lygitsakos pointed out in our chat, a fan base is only part of a successful franchise. Just as important are all the other potential revenue streams, ones the River Kings had difficulty tapping into.

And he's right of course. There's almost a zero percent chance the team will be back in Cornwall in the fall for a third season, and that's sad for so many people who got hooked on the team for those first two years.

Palladium Boots Discount

Palladium Boots Discount

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