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think we had a really good chance to win today's game, even without Casey, he said. think if we would have got some first downs and got better field position it would have helped our defence out. We were only down by seven at half. He said the match up against a deep and experience Hamilton team hampered his team's chances as they were obligated to rely on young players in the midst of development.

Ralph Lauren Red Boat Shoes

Ralph Lauren Red Boat Shoes

Their season came to an end after a 25 0 loss to the undefeated Hamilton Ironmen at the Ron Joyce Stadium in Hamilton.

it just wasn't meant to be, Morrison said. is a good squad, Ralph Lauren Red Boat Shoes they have a really good defence and we just ran out of gas. Our defence played great, but it was just a tough game all around.

probably just keep training and working hard for the next couple weeks and then fly out for training camp on the 17th, he said. just go there and try to make the roster, we'll just have to see.

was a really gutsy effort, we obviously missed our veteran quarterback, Nott said. think we had three first downs the entire game, two of them came in the last minute of the game so it was really frustrating we couldn't do anything on offence.

Ralph Lauren Red Boat Shoes

gave it all we had, Lacoste Misano Sneakers

Ralph Lauren Red Boat Shoes

Alex Morrison, a veteran wide receiver, said the loss was tough to swallow but the team threw everything they had at the Ironmen.

Ralph Lauren Red Boat Shoes

Sabercats' season ends after loss to Hamilton

Ralph Lauren Red Boat Shoes

never got to where we wanted to be, which was an OVFL championship but we've had the best five years in Sabercats history. I'm just so glad that I've had the opportunity to be a part of that.

He said his time with the Cats is something he will never forget.

Ralph Lauren Red Boat Shoes

the older guys and we have to go with too many of the younger kids, it gets really tough for us.

the injuries we had this season and to make it to the second round of the playoffs it's pretty remarkable and it shows the talent and depth we have on our team and coaching staff.

had a lot of problems because of injuries in the past few weeks, but Casey (Wright) was a key loss, he said. offence was really designed around him and he was a veteran guy that can throw the ball, so without him it was really tough. But after costly turnovers that have haunted the Sault in past weeks, the Ironmen were able to pull away.

have a core group of guys that can play, probably 15 or 20 of them, the rest are still developing, he said. the injuries happen to Blue Suede Ralph Lauren Shoes

think this team has identified their identity as a hard hitting, swarming defence and a high paced, fast offence, he said. have Lv Shoes For Ladies

Ralph Lauren Red Boat Shoes

Ralph Lauren Red Boat Shoes

An injury depleted roster was a contributing factor in the loss as the Cats were forced to play without their star quarterback Casey Wright who suffered a season ending shoulder injury that kept him from taking snaps in key games down the stretch.

Ralph Lauren Red Boat Shoes

been extremely fortunate in my Sabercats career to get to play with some of these players that I've had on my team, McGrath said. I've also been very fortunate to have a great coaching staff that I've had for the past five years.

Ralph Lauren Red Boat Shoes

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