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Baptiste was 18 years and two months old at the time of the stabbing; the youth was just four months younger. The youth is scheduled to be sentenced in August as an adult, at which time it will be legal to publish his name.

The accused

The sentence

Baptiste says he was so drunk that he doesn't remember whether it was him or another man who actually stabbed Kyaw. The other accused, a 22 year old who was a youth at the time of the stabbing, has also pleaded guilty to manslaughter in Kyaw's death.

Robbery turned into fatal west

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Baptiste was in a "drunken stupor" when he tried to rob Kyaw, his defence lawyer, Morris Bodnar, told court, adding Baptiste was so drunk that he doesn't remember who stabbed Kyaw.

in (to help)."

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Ralph Lauren Shoes For Boy

"He was actually quite proficient in hand to hand fighting . Mr. Kyaw quite clearly and quickly got the upper hand in his Palladium Boots Wool Lined

Tie Kyaw, a 40 year old recent immigrant from Myanmar, died in the March 31, 2010 altercation that arose after three men tried to steal the vodka he and a friend had just bought at an off sale on 22nd Street West.

"I'm not mad that's he's going to jail. I'm just happy that he's away from the streets and he's going to be doing something for himself," he said.

Kyaw and his friend were walking down 22nd Street when Baptiste, the youth and a third male who's never been identified demanded they hand over the bottle of vodka, Crown prosecutor Frank Impey said in court.

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Impey said other considerations were that Baptiste was barely 18 years old at the time and entered a guilty plea.

fight with (the youth)," Impey said. "Quite frankly, he was beating up (the youth) and Mr. Baptiste jumped Lv Shoes Ladies

On Tuesday, 22 year old Bobby Joseph Baptiste pleaded guilty to manslaughter in Kyaw's death and was sentenced to six and a half years in prison.

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Kyaw refused to give up the alcohol. He was a former "freedom fighter" in his home country, but he was a very small man, which is probably why two of the attackers focused on his friend while only one man focused on Kyaw, Impey said.

That factor contributed to the Crown accepting a plea to manslaughter and jointly recommending, with the defence, a sentence of six and a half years in prison, minus credit for a year and a half of remand time, leaving five years to serve.

The fight

Eldon Baptiste, father of Bobby Joseph Baptiste, speaks outside court where his son pleaded guilty to manslaughter Tuesday.

At that point, the details become more murky. Someone either Baptiste or the youth took out a knife and stabbed Kyaw six times in his torso. Two wounds punctured his heart and he died within minutes.

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your honour, it's another case on the virtues of alcohol and intoxication. It's the worst thing that's ever happened to society, whether it's traffic accidents, fights in bars or, in this case, stabbing."

"He's been told he didn't do it. He's been told he did it. He's said he doesn't remember," Bodnar said.

Baptiste and the youth were both initially charged with first degree murder, but the Crown's case faced several challenges, Impey noted in court, including the conflicting information about who actually committed the stabbing.

Baptiste's father Eldon said his son once drank so much he ended up in a coma.

A bottle of vodka was at the centre of a robbery attempt that turned fatal on Saskatoon's west side.

"Well, Lacoste Sneakers Canada

Being on remand for the last 15 months has kept Baptiste from drinking, which is actually good for him, Bodnar noted, adding his objective when he gets out of prison will be to stay away Ralph Lauren Shoes For Boy from his peers who are drinking.

Baptiste and the third man ran back to the party they'd been at earlier, and were seen washing blood off their bodies, Impey said. It's unknown where the youth went.

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Regardless, the evidence shows he was a party to the offence, and booze is to blame, Bodnar said.

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