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Palladium Boots Shop London

Sensing that tensions between Randy Orton and CM Punk are coming to the boil, the GM declared that the two will settle their differences in a match at WrestleMania.

This week, Orton battled Michael McGillicutty and managed to defeat the fellow third generation Superstar. Dealing a further blow to The Second City Saviour, Orton punted McGillicutty in the head after Punk pleaded that he show restraint.

Palladium Boots Shop London

of Thuganomic's rapping skills. He then went on to tell fans that Cena unjustly called him a liar, that he "loves the WWE" and that he will soon confront Cena face to face.

After The King of Kings' speech, the man who put him out of action months earlier made his entrance. King Sheamus interrupted and swaggered up to Triple H. It was unclear precisely what the Irishman expected, but what he received instead was a brutal Pedigree through the announce table.

Next week, "Stone Cold" Steve Austin returns to Monday Night Raw. Find out what the Rattlesnake has in store for fans when Raw emanates from the American Airlines Center in Dallas, Texas next Monday Night live and exclusively in high definition on Sky Sports HD3.

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The anonymous GM then opted to make The Celtic Warrior's night worse when he forced him to compete in a match, which he lost in a matter of seconds against returning high flyer Evan Bourne.

Palladium Boots Shop London

defeat The Undertaker and put an end to The Deadman's undefeated streak at WrestleMania next month, then, and only then, could he experience such a moment.

After months away from WWE recuperating from an injury suffered at the hands of Sheamus, Triple H returned to the ring with renewed determination.

Palladium Boots Shop London

Palladium Boots Shop London

his opponent in the face.

Palladium Boots Shop London

On Monday Night Raw, John Cena and Alex Riley fought inside Palladium Boots Shop London a Steel Cage, the result of which saw Riley lose his job.

The Cerebral Assassin explained to fans that, although he has accomplished an enormous amount in WWE, he has yet to enjoy an unadulterated WrestleMania moment, one not overshadowed by other Superstars.

After being on the end of a verbal assault from John Cena the week prior, Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson hit back via satellite. The host of WrestleMania mocked the Dr. Men's Black Prada Shoes Uk

Palladium Boots Shop London

In the end, though, Riley lost the match and his job as a result. As stipulated, Miz's apprentice was forced to retire after his defeat. The Cenation leader did not celebrate long, however, as Miz ambushed him with a Skull Crushing Finale onto the hard arena floor.

During the announcement, the GM also revealed that Orton must face every one of Punk's New Nexus disciples in singles matches over the next few weeks. Should The Viper defeat that member, they are banned from WrestleMania. However, should any member defeat Orton, that member is permitted to be in Punk's corner.

During the main event, WWE Champion The Miz used his mobile phone to tweet a photo of his WrestleMania opponent with his face pressed against the steel grid. He then tossed the phone to Riley, who used it to clock Lacoste Sneakers Sale

Riley fired after cage loss

Palladium Boots Shop London

Palladium Boots Shop London

Palladium Boots Shop London

Palladium Boots Shop London

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