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yelled for me and we both watched in awe as cars started driving into the river, she said.

said Mayor Linda Nowicki.

love Sault Ste. Marie, it my hometown, Maureen said.

Lacoste Ziane Chunky Leather

They went outside with a flashlight and saw the lower 10 rooms, as well the two chalets in the back, in a lake.

Lacoste Ziane Chunky Leather

I dialled 911 and told them they had to close the highway.

By the middle of August 2013, the Parkers were back in business not business as usual, with only four rooms instead of the 16 they opened with in 1999. The lower 10 were completely destroyed in the flood.

to Lacoste Ziane Chunky Leather keep a positive outlook and now, 11 months after the October 2012 flood that washed away their livelihood, they have re opened their business, Northern Lights Motel Breakfast.

Lacoste Ziane Chunky Leather

been a wild and successful 13 years, Maureen said. morphed with the times and what works for two people in Northern Ontario. pair received an Award of Excellence in 2012 and a Travelers Choice Award in 2010 from Trip Advisor.

Lacoste Ziane Chunky Leather

In December, the province confirmed that the municipality would receive $7 million under the Ontario Disaster Relief Assistance Program.

trying to stay positive, the Maureen said. hope to get help fixing the land. They been told it will cost $180,000.

Lacoste Ziane Chunky Leather

Lacoste Ziane Chunky Leather

are taking one day at a time, Louis Vuitton Shoes Men Spikes

Deb and Jim Sanders lost their home and two vehicles, with the raging torrent washing them down to the Lake Superior shoreline. The two vehicles were buried under clay and sand, with only the top of the red truck now barely visible.

sounded like a hurricane, John said.

The Parkers insurance covers the buildings, not the land nor lost revenue. Still, there was some hope when it was learned that ODRAP would honour donations two for one.

But $1.5 million for provincial highway repairs in the immediate aftermath of major flooding was included. That had some area officials upset.

Not long after hearing of the flood conditions in Wawa, Gary Rooley, sales director, and Kyle Sneider, general manager of the Super 8 Hotel on Great Northern Road in Sault Ste. Marie, came bearing gifts. They brought flood victims care packages from other businesses that wanted to help.

This means $150,000 is to be divided at the discretion of the committee and the province among the four who have claims.

enough, Lacoste Sneakers In South Africa

Lacoste Ziane Chunky Leather

The United Association of Plumbers and Steamfitters, UA Local 508 offered a donation of $25,000, then another $10,000 came from the provincial level and another $5,000 from its federal office.

Room again at the inn

The rains came and didn stop until the estimated 132 millimetres that fell caused creeks to overflow to raging rivers that opened up parts of the Trans Canada Highway north and south of Wawa.

Lacoste Ziane Chunky Leather

The overflowing creeks washed out roads to Michipicoten First Nation and Michipicoten Harbour residents and those who lived in between.

Noella Depew newly renovated home for her retirement was left standing without a road to access it. Once the spring melt came, most of her yard has gone down the bank.

Maureen recalls that night well.

In the meantime, Tamara Liddle, chairperson of the committee formed to oversee donated funds for flood victims with a claim, said it has now close with $50,000.

On that evening, the Parkers were inside, busy with their renovating, a norm for the off season, when John went out to check a noise growing louder. It was the roar of a raging river flowing down and across Highway 17 North.

In the face of adversity, Maureen (Mo) and John Parker were able Lv Sneaker Women

Lacoste Ziane Chunky Leather

Maureen and John met while both were in the hospitality business, in Edmonton, and married in 1992. They wanted their own hospitality business and started thinking of being closer to their families. Soon they were thinking of Northern Ontario.

Lacoste Ziane Chunky Leather

Lacoste Ziane Chunky Leather

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