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Seguin, however, was dumped out of a double scull along with Adrien Tessier, forcing them to swim back to shore.

But they returned with smiles and enthusiasm to hit the water again.

always wanted to do this, said Christian Seguin, who has done whitewater kayaking. looks so peaceful. club was initiated earlier this year, after co ordinator Kevin Donnelly pushed past a few obstacles to secure a location for Palladium Ladies

He said they were given permission to store their six boats and two dozen oars at Guindon Park, and now need to raise the funds needed to purchase a container.

Donnelly said they will keep any membership fees to a minimum, instead Palladium Boots Price For Women encouraging anyone who wants to try it out to stop by.

Rowing club starts to make waves

scene, and offer paddlers the chance to better appreciate Cornwall waterways.

More than half a dozen paddlers launched from the Guindon Park beach area, honing Ralph Lauren Men Sneakers

their skills and trying out the various boats.

Palladium Boots Price For Women


The club has roughly 10 members already, including a couple of the rowers kids.

Palladium Boots Price For Women

CORNWALL The waters of the St. Lawrence River were pristine on Sunday, offering ideal conditions for rookie members of the city new rowing club.

Donnelly said the group will definitely fill a hole in the local sports Sneakers Prada Sport

Palladium Boots Price For Women

Palladium Boots Price For Women

Seguin said it was a huge learning curve when he stepped into a rowing boat.

very well equipped for boats and oars, he said, adding that his sister donated $4,000 so they could purchase a training boat.

He said he hopeful an Ontario Trillium Foundation grant will help them out, but for now the equipment is being kept at club members homes.

fabulous for teaching people, he said.

Palladium Boots Price For Women

Palladium Boots Price For Women

Palladium Boots Price For Women

the communities around this area have a rowing club, he said. stand out as a community that doesn't have one . it about time. Donnelly is happy to have permission to set up shop at Guindon Park, his ultimate goal is to launch onto the Cornwall canal, where he offer a demonstration of the craft during the Aug. 10 11 Waterfest.

members are all donating their time, money and efforts to make this club happen, said Seguin.

Wider and more sturdy than the racing boats, it doesn tip as easy. Even this reporter managed a quick jaunt around the bay in it without getting wet beyond her knees.

Palladium Boots Price For Women

Palladium Boots Price For Women

Palladium Boots Price For Women

paddling technique is very different, he said. technique of the hands and handling of the oars is key. hulls are 32 feet long and the oars eight feet, providing a challenge in simply adjusting to the larger scale compared to a canoe or kayak.

idea is to bring youth in, said Seguin.

Palladium Boots Price For Women

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