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Windows were smashed and shutters torn at independent shops including Digitech mobile phone shop and EV Beckett jewellers. The pavement outside Zhapp clothing was left covered with glass.

Shortly before 6pm the group dispersed into the city centre, heading away in both directions along Princess Street.

By then around 300 youths had gathered near the Prince Albert statue, confronting the heavy police presence which had been deployed to defuse the anxious atmosphere which took hold of the city centre from lunchtime.

After smashing their way into the computer, jewellery and clothing shops widescale looting began and lasted for half an hour with workers and residents in flats opposite and above watching the carnage unfold.

toe combat, kicking out and punching as officers became separated into groups of two or three. In the melee one thug knocked a policeman to the ground, to cheers from the baying crowd.

The explosive, believed to be a firework, was released into the crowd sounding a loud bang which drew screams from onlookers.

Louis Vuitton Sneaker 2017

Trouble that started to brew in other parts of Wolverhampton culminated in a chaotic and dangerous two hours in the city centre during the height of the rush hour.

They dipped underneath shutters, disappearing for minutes at a time before emerging clutching handfuls of tops, jeans and shoes from Zhapp; boxes filled with electrical equipment from Digitech and jewellery from EV Beckett.

Louis Vuitton Sneaker 2017

Louis Vuitton Sneaker 2017

From 5pm more businesses fell victim to the yobs who smashed windows at Number 1 Pizza, Coral bookmakers and TA Henn jewellers, in Market Street, as well the RBS bank and the Tap and Spile pub in Princess Street.

With increasingly aggressive groups of yobs scattered throughout the city centre a game of cat and mouse developed as police tried to contain each section and prevent them congregating en masse.

Fighting toe to toe with police, mobs in Wolverhampton armed themselves Louis Vuitton Sneaker 2017 with sticks and hurled bottles and bricks as terrified shoppers and office workers fled.

Members of the mob started taking on police in toe to Polo Ralph Lauren Sneakers Uk

Minutes later shoppers waiting for buses in Lichfield Street were forced to flee as another group threw missiles including bricks, bottles and stones at a line of police.

Meanwhile other splinter groups formed in Princess Street, Wheeler's Fold, Wulfruna Street and King Street and launched the first attacks on police, hurling bottles at officers wielding riot shields and helmets.

They inflicted thousands of pounds of damage on businesses that just happened to have the misfortune of being in the path of their devastating wrecking spree.

The focus of the rising tension then switched to the city Lacoste Kids Shoes

The breakaway group of around 50 youths unleashed a wave of vandalism on shops including Burton's menswear, T Mobile, Next and Marks Spencer as police pursued.

Police arrived and evacuated the store, which was then closed for the rest of the day. Fifteen minutes after the disturbance, there were reports of missiles being fired at Staveley Police Station in nearby Whitmore Reans.

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Street and in front of the city's new 22.5m bus station.

An injured man was led away clutching his face by police as dozens of the assembled crowd sped off down Dudley Street, beginning a sequence of events which was not brought under control until around 6.30pm.

A group of more than 100 gathered in Queen Street shortly after 5pm as police formed lines at either end of the road, at its junction with Princess Lacoste Lerond

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See also: Wolverhampton riots in pictures.

centre, where the trigger for the mindless violence was the release of an unknown explosive in Queen Square at around 4.30pm.

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The city witnessed some of the worst scenes in its history as youths clad in hooded tops and scarves wrought havoc.

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Louis Vuitton Sneaker 2017

While some raiders covered their faces with hoods and scarves others strolled in and out of stores collecting their stash with their identities clearly visible, returning several times to thieve more goods.

Bouncers on the doors of the Lady Wulfrun pub opposite Wolverhampton Art Gallery invited terrified passers by into the building to shelter from the escalating violence.

Louis Vuitton Sneaker 2017

Louis Vuitton Sneaker 2017

A lone shopkeeper stood defiantly in front of her hair salon, arms outstretched, to warn the yobs they would not pass. Louise Johnson protected her Louise salon despite receiving no help from police, who stood at either end of the street in rows but did not break their lines to tackle the looters.

Burglar alarms rang out from several of the breached businesses as anarchy took hold just yards from static police lines which did not advance to confront the crowds, seemingly concerned other groups being contained elsewhere in the city centre could flood in behind them.

At around 5.30pm violence erupted as the crowd, some of whom were wielding hammers they had brought with them, launched frenzied blows with weapons, fists and feet on businesses up and down Queen Street.

Rioting erupts in Wolverhampton City Centre Express Star

After hours of escalating tension following trouble in Birmingham yesterday, the first sign of trouble came when dozens of shoppers were locked inside the Asda supermarket near Molineux after a gang gathered in the car park at around 3pm.

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