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City councillor Bob Buckle said he would support the idea of city staff working with the owners to fence off the alleyway and stop access from the commercial area to the residential area.

"Unfortunately, this would be a poor example of urban planning. Our planner would tell us not to mix commercial right next to residential like this, but this is just the way it's happened."

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condominium corporation representative Dawna Lee Clark and two other residents who came to council that the city's hand were tied on the matter.

Curry said that when the bar was open she had witnessed drug use around the area and fears that if the establishment makes the change to a strip club, problems in the area will worsen.

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"I do not think this is an appropriate place for a strip club," she said. "It is surrounded by homes and families."

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Prada Shoes Online Uk

build a fence to block access from the business to an alleyway shared by the business and the condominium.

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Tanya Curry, a mother of two who runs a child care business, said the nightlife in the area of 50 Street and 48 Avenue in Cold Lake South has been problematic, especially for residents of a nearby condominium, such as herself.

"A big part of the problem for (the residents) is that the alley is not being maintained and there's a lot of traffic from the bar going through there," Clark told council. "They are asking the city to put up a fence to stop the traffic from going from the (commercial area) to the residential area."

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At a council meeting last week residents told their city representatives that the bar, which has been closed for several months, had a negative impact on the residential area close to the property.

City chief administrative officer Kevin Nagoya said that the rumoured business falls within the permissible zoning bylaws and cannot be stopped by administration or council. "(The business) meets the criteria of the land use bylaw and we don't have any right to put a stop to it."

"What we can do in this instance is liaise with the business owner on the challenges," he said.

City staff told Curry, as well as Ralph Lauren Trainers Amazon

Rumoured strip club has some residents concerne

Cold Lake Mayor Craig Copeland said the tight mixture of residential and commercial zoning was an unfortunate result of the way the neighbourhood developed over time.

of their neighbourhood.

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"We did that in the last go around and were able to get a few improvements. We can't guarantee anything, but we can try to have Prada Shoes Online Uk that dialogue."

Residents living near a bar rumoured to be changing format to include strippers say the change has them worried about the future Palladium Leather Boots Review

Clarke and Curry both said that residents' concerns would be alleviated if the city or the business owners would Prada Sport Black Rubber Rain Boots

Nagoya told the residents that the city is not in a position to require any changes to the business and that the only recourse available to administration is to work with the business owners to make changes that would alleviate any concerns.

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Nagoya said that when the bar was last opened that meetings with the owner were able to secure some changes to reduce noise.

"I find the first problem not only in the noise from the music, but from people hanging out outside," she told councillors. "They scream at each other, they fight, they holler and howl, they shout and cry. They wake up my children and walk around the yard by my children's bedroom windows. The yard is littered with beer cans and garbage. I've witnessed people urinating in my yard and in the back alley."

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"I know it's not a good thing, but all growing cities are faced with the same situation," he said.

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Prada Shoes Online Uk

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