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Last year, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration released a study about how climate change contributed to Superstorm Sandy. The findings were intimidating: "What they found was, if you have the amount of sea level rise that we are expecting to see, 50 years from now you'll see flooding like that experienced by New York and New Jersey during Sandy every other year. That's a scary proposition," says Rob Moore, senior policy analyst and head of the Water Climate team at the Natural Resource Defense Council, an environmental advocacy group.

"Sea level rise is already happening, and its continuation is inevitable," Strauss says. "At some point it will be obvious to every family living in a coastal area, and every community will be looking to protect itself."

A scary proposition

Lacoste Loafers Womens

Lacoste Loafers Womens

Another is melting land based ice forms such as glaciers and ice sheets. "You're adding volume to the world's oceans, and that's causing them to rise," Cleetus says.

Lacoste Loafers Womens

And that's to say nothing of big storms, which likely will be more frequent in a warmer climate.

Although scientists typically project sea level rise through the year 2100, communities likely will be impacted much sooner than that. The culprit? Incremental storm surges.

and streams.

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"Those 8 inches of sea level rise from climate change are already making every single coastal flood bigger, deeper and more damaging," Strauss says.

Lacoste Loafers Womens

Lacoste Loafers Womens

Some scientists put estimates as high as 10 or 15 feet. That's on top of approximately 8 inches of sea level rise already logged in the last century.

In the context of having so little water, it might seem strange to worry about having too much. And yet, that's exactly the dilemma facing California today. Even as it reels from drought, it must begin planning for floods. And make no mistake: Floods are coming. Not only to California, but to coastal cities across the country and around the world, which face a certain influx of water as oceans rise under the specter of climate change.

Chris Lattuada stands next to a drainage canel near his home in Sacramento on Feb. 25, 2014. Chris is one of many homeowners who are required to carry flood insurance because they live in a low basin surrounded by deteriorating river levees in the process of being repaired.(Photo: Steve Yeater)

Rising tides threaten communities on the beach

One is warming oceans. "Because of that, you have an expansion of ocean waters, and the only place they can go is up," says Rachel Cleetus, a senior economist in the Climate and Energy Program at the Union of Concerned Scientists, an alliance of citizens and scientists who collaborate on solutions to global problems.

"Think about a game of basketball, where Lacoste Loafers Womens sea level is the court and your house is the hoop. If you raise the floor of the court, gradually, smaller and smaller players will be able to dunk," says Dr. Andrew Kemp, assistant professor Palladium Pampa Tactical Mens

Lacoste Loafers Womens

Lacoste Loafers Womens

Multiple forces are colluding to make the oceans swell.

of coastal processes and climate change at Tufts University. "It's not like it's going to be business as usual until 2099, when you have to sell your house because next year the whole thing is going to be permanently underwater. Long before that happens, you're going to see smaller and smaller storms that cause floods more and more frequently."

"We analyzed 55 different water level stations throughout the United States and found that for about two thirds of them, sea level rise from climate change has already more than doubled the risk of extreme flooding," says Dr. Ben Strauss, director of the Program on Sea Level Rise at Climate Central, a nonprofit organization dedicated to communicating the science and effects of climate change. The map shows how more than 3,000 coastal communities in the contiguous United States would be affected if sea levels were to rise from 1 to 10 feet.

A river runs through it

That's because California is in the midst of one of the worst droughts in state history. Conditions are so bad that Gov. Jerry Brown declared a state emergency in January. He urged state residents to voluntarily reduce personal water consumption by 20 percent.

Because the rate of ice loss is accelerating, oceans are rising faster than ever before. Cleetus says sea level could rise anywhere from 8 inches to 6.5 feet by the end of the century. Ralph Lauren Shoes High

The mud in Folsom Lake, near Sacramento, Calif., is dry and chapped, like cracked heels. The bottom of the reservoir, once under water, now is largely barren, save for its shallow center and a smattering of stray puddles.

But if you think that sea level arise affects only oceanfront homes on beaches and islands, think again. In fact, sea level rise promises to impact inland neighborhoods, too, particularly in low lying areas near rivers Lacoste Sneakers Navy Blue

Lacoste Loafers Womens

Lacoste Loafers Womens

Lacoste Loafers Womens

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