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township" when they purchased their properties led them do understand that year round occupancy was permitted.

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The property owners allege that "various discussions with and communications from employees, staff and agents of the Prada Chelsea Boots Sale

When contacted, Lamming, now a council member and candidate for reeve, said he could not comment on any aspect of the Prince Lake litigation.

However, the 2008 plaintiffs contend that compliance would force them either to sell their properties and move elsewhere, or to maintain both a summer and winter home.

administrator, notified Prince Lake property owners that they could apply individually to a township committee of adjustment to have their lots rezoned as rural residential.

Additionally, they seek to recover their legal costs on full indemnity basis (100% of such costs), and "such further and other relief as may be Prada Shoes Uk Outlet deemed just and proper."

The countersuit, now in its 15th year, seeks to have year round Prince Lake residents comply with Zoning Bylaw 77 7, which designates the lake as a summer cottage zone.

Last year, Brianna Coughlin, the Prince Ralph Lauren Shoes All Black

Prada Shoes Uk Outlet

Prada Shoes Uk Outlet

Road maintenance skirmish motors on

punitive and exemplary damages.

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File 24531/08, from the Sault Ste. Marie Registrar's Office, indicates that in 2008, 10 Prince Lake property owners, several of them year round residents, launched proceedings against the township in the Ontario Superior Court of Justice, seeking $7.5 million in damages.

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Prada Shoes Uk Outlet

Prada Shoes Uk Outlet

A 1996 legal skirmish over the winter maintenance of the Prince Lake Road has snowballed into a multi million dollar lawsuit Palladium Black Boots

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Bill Wierzbicki, of Planning Advisory Services, who devised the new OP, said in an interview last February that he doubted the Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing would approve the Prince Lake rezoning without first seeing the results of the water quality study and a and financial impact study of the cost of reconstructing the Prince Lake Road.

against the township.

This understanding, they said, led them to make costly home improvements they would not otherwise have made.

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If turned down, Coughlin said, they could appeal the decision to the Ontario Municipal Board, whose decision would be final.

The 2008 suit is the residents' defence against the township's continuing countersuit to the 1996 legal battle, in which 30 some Prince Lake property owners tried, but failed, to obtain winter snow removal on the seasonal Prince Lake road, which the township maintains only from May 1 to Oct. 31.

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Their $7.5 million claim consists of $5 million in special damages, $2 million in general damages, and $500,000 in

They also fear that the properties' market value would slump.

Included in file 24531/08 is a statement from a Prince Lake couple that purchased a cottage in 1997, believing that the sellers had obtained permission to live by the lake year round from 1980s council, headed by then reeve Ken Lamming.

The township's new Official Plan, which is awaiting provincial approval after being adopted by council last May, retains Prince Lake's present status as a summer cottage zone.

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