Palladium Women's Tactical Boots

Jennifer Robert has been coming out with the PUC team for more than 10 years, but this year she had a special inspiration her daughter, Sarah Foster, is now a survivor.

Palladium Women's Tactical Boots

"I started out with just me and my kids and I told my aunts and uncles and our team grew to like 35 in no time. It's awesome," said Nolan.

in the Sault.

have seven children. They need me around, said Nolan.

Palladium Women's Tactical Boots

Palladium Women's Tactical Boots

Palladium Women's Tactical Boots

have to keep positive, she said.

Palladium Women's Tactical Boots

Organizers said they were pleased with Sunday's turnout, even if fewer people came out because of the rain. It didn't prevent run goers from bringing in funds, however, as a preliminary count showed more than $106,000 had come in by Sunday afternoon.

Nolan said her mother beat the disease once, but it cropped up again in 2012. By the time family members realized how aggressive the cancer was going to be this time around, Debra's mother had only five days left.

side of the grass. That's my motto because I feel good now and they're monitoring me and they keep pretty good track of you, said Schryer, a longtime Run for the Cure volunteer whose mother had breast cancer as well.

Palladium Women's Tactical Boots

Schryer was diagnosed in April of 2012 and doctors discovered the cancer had spread to her lymph nodes. Six rounds of chemotherapy and 30 rounds of radiation later, Schryer said doctors are keeping a close eye.

Sunday was Nolan's first time attending. Her team was called A Mission for Mummer, a reference to her a family nickname for her mother.

Nolan's family members were among around 550 people who turned out for Sunday's event, the 15th running of the CIBC Run for the Cure in Sault Ste. Marie.

Sunday was Brenda Leigh Schryer's second turn in the survivors' walk, though she cautions she is isn't out of the woods yet.

She said she's ready to whatever I have to do, once the results come back.

we have a large number and we are seeing repeat survivors back year after year and that is a huge success, said Sherry Beaton, one of the event's organizers.

The oversized pink eyelashes Debra Nolan donned for Sunday's breast cancer fundraiser didn't hide the emotion in her eyes as she talked about her reason for being there her late mother, Marie.

success of the run is by looking to the survivors who take part in what can be an emotional ceremony before the run begins.

Doctors said her mother had a cancer causing gene, and have recommended Nolan and her sisters get checked out. Nolan said there's too much at stake to leave it up to chance so she's arranging to have the test.

didn't want to do the survivors' walk (last) year because I was still undergoing treatment, but some friends of mine, they convinced me, she said. year was a little easier to do it because I really feel like I'm a survivor. said it was a good decision.

That's on track to beat last year's tally, which was around $106,000 after donations closed at the end of October. This year organizers celebrated surpassing the $1 million mark in funds raised Ralph Lauren Ladies Shoes

Palladium Women's Tactical Boots

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Run for the Cure raises

Palladium Women's Tactical Boots

One of the big ways organizers judge the Lacoste Explorateur Mid

Palladium Women's Tactical Boots

Robert said the family was devastated Palladium Women's Tactical Boots by the news. Her daughter was in the final year of residency on her way to becoming a general surgeon when she was diagnosed with breast cancer last fall.

Palladium Women's Tactical Boots

Palladium Women's Tactical Boots

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