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And the Italian, who will lock horns with a friend in Birmingham manager Alex McLeish, believes the region will feel the benefits of its biggest ever Premier League presence, which also includes Wolves and Villa.

Albion boss Roberto Di Matteo today predicted a West Midlands football feel good factor as the region prepared to kick off its bumper season of derbies.

Living up north i often get tickets from MATES and work colleagues to go an watch Man U, City,. Over the years ive been to a fair few derbies; Utd v city, livpl v utd etc. I can say hand on heart they dont come close to when wolves pay albion and visa Palladium Pampa Hi Mens Boots versa ( unless im more biased Ralph Lauren Grey Shoes

Palladium Pampa Hi Mens Boots

2 and 3 Billy and Robin. This season the 4 Clubs are about even for quality, players, etc. You couldn forecast a result with any certainty, which is as it should be. That defines sport for me and it that which produces the the very uncertainty.

Roberto Di Matteo Express Star

Palladium Pampa Hi Mens Boots

"The amount of away supporters, the income and economic activity that increases are all good. It will have an impact on the area. I think derbies add spice to the season. Derbies have no rules. There are no favourites as far as my experience goes.

"They did very well. We don't really share the same footballing philosophies but we got on well.

"I went to watch them on Sunday against Liverpool but, to be honest, I knew them already so I didn't learn that much new."

men could build such things. (you know the rest, you win 1.0 with a stuffy goal )

Palladium Pampa Hi Mens Boots

Palladium Pampa Hi Mens Boots

"Tottenham wasn't always a derby because we always won!

Palladium Pampa Hi Mens Boots

"Derbies are special. Anything can happen. When I was at Chelsea our big derby was against Arsenal.

"If one team is second and you're bottom then it means nothing.

"He's a nice guy. We talked a little bit about football and he did a great job last year in the Premier League.

than i thought.) The media portray " the big derbies " as being super intence and meaning " everything " to the fans. Well ive seen it from both sides, and they dont. Now, when me beloved wolves loose to Albion i am seriously seriously gutted for weeks, and when we win, oh the JOY! The 7th of may next year is, i feel gona be bigger than usual. Cant wait. And i think its our turn innit !

"They have signed some very good players, they've spent a few quid and did well last year.

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"Alex is a good guy," said the Hawthorns head coach. "We went to see the final in Madrid with a corporate package so we got to know each other then.

Palladium Pampa Hi Mens Boots

And Di Matteo is looking forward to testing himself against McLeish after getting to know the Blues boss during a trip to this year's Champions League final.

9. TRBH. I can picture the scene;; I cum up from the pit, and behold, one of them new CHARABANCS ( Ralph Lauren White Shoes Mens

Palladium Pampa Hi Mens Boots

I cannot wait for kick off tomorrow. "Yow jus laik a big saft kid yow am" I can hear Granny Oliver and Mom saying together. "Mak herst un doo me shappin un yow gerra a few coppers t tek wi ya".

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"They seemed to struggle to get out of the Championship but had a fantastic season in the Premier League.

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snigger ) awaits. Good job ive saved me pigs trotter, i can eat it on me way. We enter the new world that is Wolverhampton, but whats this ? Children with full bellys, people smiling, and clothes labels of which ive never seen. Stone island,Aquascutum,paul and shark. I see the place where the world famous wolves play, the golden glow blinds my pit eyes. I feel small! I never knew Palladium Black

The Baggies take on Birmingham at The Hawthorns in the first of 12 top flight derbies for the area this term.

Robin, did you see the stonkings we gave Blues home and away in the early 50s with Ronnie Allen and Ray Barlow team ? The Blues crowd applauded us in those far off days.

"I think the region will be feeling the impact of having four teams," said Di Matteo.

"But when you're involved in it you hear supporters make comments, the papers focus on it, there's history. It's different to normal games."

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