Ralph Lauren Sneakers Canvas

Ralph Lauren Sneakers Canvas

Ralph Lauren Sneakers Canvas

Ralph Lauren Sneakers Canvas

He was wearing a black coat and jeans but kept his helmet on.

"I dashed out to see her and as I was coming around the corner I briefly saw the man talking to the passers by but as I was getting close he rode off. We hope he comes forward."

The accident happened at around 8.15pm Louis Vuitton Men Shoes Red Bottom

Courtney had reached the junction of Primrose Road just 500 yards from her house in Old Level Way when she went to cross onto the opposite pavement.

The Thorns Community College pupil was left dazed and in pain at the side of the road with a broken bone in her knee.

Ralph Lauren Sneakers Canvas

last Tuesday in Cradley Road, Netherton.

"I was in shock really as I couldn't believe it and I'm sure he didn't have his light on as I looked and couldn't see him," Courtney said. "I was in so much pain. I needed painkillers every three hours in hospital."

She faces a long period of rehabilitation with her leg in plaster and her family today called for the motorcyclist to come forward and speak to police.

Courtney Taylor, aged 14, was riding her friend's bike close to her home when she said she was clipped by a motorbike.

assessed her at the scene and she was taken into Dudley's Russells Hall Hospital where she stayed for two days while medics diagnosed the fracture through an MRI scan.

Ralph Lauren Sneakers Canvas

Her leg is in plaster for the next six to eight weeks and she faces follow up appointments. She will also be forced Louis Vuitton Shoes Women 2016

Ralph Lauren Sneakers Canvas

The motorcyclist briefly stopped as three passers by went to her aid but she said he complained about injuring Ralph Lauren Sneakers Canvas his hand before riding off without leaving any details or asking how Courtney was.

After the crash Courtney called her mother Shirley Taylor, 36, and her brother Alex Burton, 17, who dialled 999 to help her.

Ralph Lauren Sneakers Canvas

run girl Express Star

Her mother Shirley said her daughter was 'screaming' down the phone when she called. We don't know how someone could just leave her like that and not even check that she was ok," said mother of five Miss Taylor.

Ralph Lauren Sneakers Canvas

to take time of school and has to sleep downstairs.

But she claimed the motorcyclist who was riding behind her stuck her right leg, sending her careering off and skidding onto the road.

A paramedic Lv Sneakers For Women

Ralph Lauren Sneakers Canvas

Ralph Lauren Sneakers Canvas

The teenager, who has just started her GCSEs, said she was lucky and just managed to pull herself onto the pavement despite the pain.

Ralph Lauren Sneakers Canvas

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