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9:09AM Ciolek leads the field across in third. Zabel is in fourth and Freire is Prada Outlet Sneakers Sale nowhere to be found.

Live Blog: Stage 19 Roanne to Montlucon

9:04AM Chav is dogging it at the back Buy Palladium Boots Online

9:03AM The two leaders are still working together pretty well, but it's 3k to go and it's got to start popping soon.

8:53AM Another ring girl who can rip your legs off in a crit, Liz Hatch.

9:17AM Well, Freire wasn't top 10 but he was 11th, so he did score points on the day and leads 244 to Zabel's 202. There are no points on offer tomorrow, so it's almost a mathematical impossibility for him to lose the jersey on Sunday, with only 47 total points on offer. Zabel would need to take both intermediate sprints and win the stage, with pretty much zero points for Freire. Don't see that happening.

9:16AM //Like seeing Charlie Brown kick the football through the goalposts.//

9:19AM About 10 guys off the back now approaching the finish, 13 minutes down as they go under the 1k to go kite. No time eliminations, I don't think, but a long, long day for them.

9:25AM OK, that's all for today's live blog. Tomorrow's gonna be a wild day. Louis Vuitton Red Bottoms Mens Shoes

Prada Outlet Sneakers Sale

9:21AM So, it all comes down to tomorrow's Ralph Lauren Girl Shoes

Prada Outlet Sneakers Sale

9:01AM Fast but disorganized at the front of the pack lots of guys up there from various teams, including a couple of Cofidiens probably trying to jam up the works. At this point 4k to go, I think it's out of their control.

So who's gonna go first? Chavanel or Roy?

I know it's Saturday and you all will (mostly) be watching at home. But grab the laptop and play along on the comments. The TT always starts slow, so we'll have lots of time to fill the dead air with comments. Vs. coverage starts at 7:30 Eastern (5:30 mountain), but I need my beauty sleep so I'll be on at my usual 6 6:30 start time. No need to wake up early enough to see David Le Lay or whomever scorch the course.

J Schafer, not totally sure I'm with you on that one.

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Roanne to Montlucon

8:52AM Rude, shocking yes, but the Tour did not suspend the race for our Tapout discussion or Aussie and Elle's flirting.

9:03AM J, do we know those are in fact performance enhanced? I'd, ahem, need a closer examination to make that call.

J Schafer, I would hope that le Blaireau is a big enough guy to finally congratulate Chavanel on his success. If not, then I see a special one off cage match coming to Pay Per View.

time trial. It will be one helluva day. Sastre has the most to lose, obviously, but starting last he'll also have the advantage of knowing the intermediate time checks. However, the last of those is at the 36km mark, so he'll have 17km of unknown from there to the finish.

8:58AM //Rochelle Gilmore > Liz Hatch.//

a little. I think he's got one really strong kick left in him and is waiting for the right moment. 2k to go.

8:50AM Roy is spending a lot of time on Chavanel's wheel and does not look super comfortable here. Phil says 3:05 is not enough with 16km to go. I'm willing to bet Phil that yes, in fact, it bloody well is enough. If not, then Patrick Lefevere is going to have to tear up Chav's new contract.

9:13AM There will be no change to the top 10 overall today, of course.

See you tomorrow and thanks again for reading and commenting.

9:06AM 1k to go and the lead duo is still not attacking each other. Roy is forcing Chavanel to lead at 500m to go.

9:15AM Chavanel has been trying for a Tour stage for eight years now. He's had dozens of attacks that have failed and now he's got the win. Back at the team bus, he breaks into tears. Chapeau to him for a great ride today.

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9:07AM Chavanel looks back and has a little smile on his face, or is that a grimace?

8:56AM 9km to go and the gap is still 2:53 under Milram's completely ineffective chase. (And again, Gerald Ciolek, do NOT sign with this team unless you want to kiss your career goodbye.)

8:59AM The two leaders are still cooperating quite well together I think that's a big reason they've stayed away. 6k to go, and Chavanel cranks down his shoe straps a bit.

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Prada Outlet Sneakers Sale

Prada Outlet Sneakers Sale

9:08AM Roy goes to Chavanel's right with 300 to go, but Chav easily has it in control and pushes ahead for the win. He's clearly ecstatic as he crossed the line, punching the air for a satisfying win. Master of the futile attack no more.

9:05AM The chase is so ineffective that a Columbia and Quick Step rider have broken off the front. I think the Columbia guy is Burghardt. The QS is probably Steegmans.

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Prada Outlet Sneakers Sale

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