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I think they'll win Saturday and advance into the Adam Conference semifinals.

More sports thoughts . . .

Greinke and somebody will is going to get a huge boost in baseball's playoff races.

Next up, the matter of confidence following such a one sided loss to the Ravens.

Ralph Lauren Ladies Shoes Ebay

Ralph Lauren Ladies Shoes Ebay

Wright makes good reads, gets rid of the ball quickly and has the ability to pile up yardage and points.

Whichever team gets Zack Prada Sneakers White

Milwaukee GM Doug Melvin is fielding offers for the soon to be free agent pitcher and the Atlanta Braves, Texas Rangers, Chicago White Sox and Los Angeles Angels all fighting for first place are Ralph Lauren Ladies Shoes Ebay thought to be in the running.

They're fresh from a horrible beating, losing 56 7 to the Essex Ravens in last week's regular season finale here.

Ralph Lauren Ladies Shoes Ebay

But football is all about emotion and sometimes it's not easy to flip the switch back on and bounce back when you've played so poorly.

But it's why you play the game.

The young guys Palladium Boots Pampa Hi Cuff Leather

But he separated his left (non throwing) shoulder and tore a ligament early in the third quarter of a 35 21 win over Mississauga three weeks ago.

Sure, the Sault players knew the game meant little to them. And yes, the Cats sat out several injured veterans, hoping the rest would get them ready for this week's clash.

As if playing without your No. 1 quarterback wasn't bad enough, the Sault Sabercats have another major obstacle to overcome when the Ontario Varsity Football League playoffs begin Saturday.

Despite a glaring need in their secondary, the Lions didn't take a defensive back until they grabbed Bill Bentley of Louisiana Lafayette in the third round.

On the other hand, Wright is a savvy signal caller in his second season as the Cats starter.

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Sabercats have work cut out for them

And gotten beaten so decisively.

The Detroit Lions decision to release out of control defensive back Aaron Berry was absolutely the right move. But the loss of Berry further spotlight's the sub par job the Lions did in the 2012 draft.

And so the playoff heat now falls on Greve or Elgie, or maybe both.

need to protect the football and make smart throws. What they're being asked to do manage the game and perform well enough to get the team a playoff victory isn't at all easy.

In their only regular season meeting, the Sabercats defeated Guelph 49 25 here on June 9.

Ralph Lauren Ladies Shoes Ebay

Ralph Lauren Ladies Shoes Ebay

He led Superior Heights to city, NOSSA and Northern Bowl championships the last two high school seasons, running an offence very similar to the Cats no huddle spread attack.

Ralph Lauren Ladies Shoes Ebay

If Greinke was dealt to either the Rangers or Angels, it certainly Lacoste Shoes For Women Images

While Greve and Elgie are up and comers, both expected to be impressive this fall in the High School Senior Football League, under their belts they have just one OVFL start between them.

Ralph Lauren Ladies Shoes Ebay

Ralph Lauren Ladies Shoes Ebay

But it's not likely to be easy. There won't be any 24 point victories this time around.

Ralph Lauren Ladies Shoes Ebay

could swing the balance of power in the American League West.

Ralph Lauren Ladies Shoes Ebay

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