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Roy Hodgson expects England players to be able to walk around Rio de Janeiro

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"We're open to all things," he said. "I hope we don't have to change the Rio base because the Rio base is a very good one.

But the mayor of the Brazilian city Arthur Virgilio has taken offence and said in a statement on his Facebook page: "We would prefer that England doesn't come.

"That would have been a difficult stroll there. Sao Conrado is quieter. It looks the same but slightly less hotels."

"We have spent a lot of time on that, both on the choice of hotel and in particular the choice of training ground. So it would be a pity if we've got to move, but we've got an open mind at the moment."

Lacoste Sneakers Navy Blue

Doubts were raised about the possibility of England doing the same in Brazil when the country's sports minister said Rio, along with Sao Paulo and Salvador, would be targeted by violent thugs.

"The tropicality of Manaus is the problem. It will be a difficult venue for everyone, but for northern European players it Lacoste Sneakers Navy Blue will be a little bit harder."

"We hope to get a better team and a coach who is more sensible and polite. He's one of the few people in the world who is not curious about the Amazon, who doesn't want to know Manaus."

England were based right by the Copacabana for the friendly against Brazil in June, but they hope to base themselves in the Royal Tulip, which is located on the quieter Sao Conrado beach instead.

Lacoste Sneakers Navy Blue

Manaus, deep in the heart of the Amazon rainforest, is a four hour flight away from Rio and there is concern that such extensive travelling could take its toll on the players.

FA is dealing with. It will be perfect by the time we get there."

Earlier this week, Hodgson visited the Urca military base where England trained prior to a friendly in the Maracana in June and they have been promised the base again next summer if they confirm they will stay in Rio.

"There are more chances of having a stroll along the beach at Sao Conrado than the Copacabana or Ipanema beach.

At a press conference in London on Monday, Hodgson said: "Manaus is the place ideally to avoid.

Lacoste Sneakers Navy Blue

Lacoste Sneakers Navy Blue

England manager said.

Lacoste Sneakers Navy Blue

up playing in the north, but he would not rule it out either.

Roy Hodgson is confident the England players will be able to enjoy the sights of Rio de Janeiro and will not be stuck in their hotel.

"Security is an issue, but I would like to think they won't be imprisoned in the hotel," the Lacoste Slip On For Men

Lacoste Sneakers Navy Blue

Meanwhile, the mayor of Manaus has told England they are not welcome there during the World Cup because of Hodgson's comments regarding the jungle city's climate.

Hodgson would not confirm that plans are afoot for England to change their base if they end Prada Trainers Womens Uk

At the 2010 World Cup in South Africa, England were based at a remote camp in Rustenburg, but at Euro 2012, the players stayed in the centre of Krakow and mixed with the local population.

Lacoste Sneakers Navy Blue

Lacoste Sneakers Navy Blue

There is a small possibility that England will have to move their base should they have to play in the north.

"It's important you don't divorce yourself totally from the rest of life. There will be other things for them (to do).

Lacoste Sneakers Navy Blue

The pitch will have to be relaid but, other than that, Hodgson feels the base is perfect, adding: "It is fine. The pitch is something the Palladium Boots Outfit Women

Lacoste Sneakers Navy Blue

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