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knows these eighties anthems. We're spoiled. We get to sing every night some of the greatest eighties hits ever written. one of several principal cast members who will join Foreigner at a private event in Las Vegas on Wednesday. Shunock expects to sing three songs ,including Jukebox Hero, with the classic rockers.

Ralph Lauren Trainers Leather

The timing wasn't right. Shunock was on the road with the Disney production for 27 months. He wasn't keen to pack his bags again for another extended road trip.

Ralph Lauren Trainers Leather

Rock of Ages' songs Louis Vuitton Shoes

Ralph Lauren Trainers Leather

a working actor going from job to job, to be able to sit in one place for a little while and actually have a nice place to call home and have people over for dinner. Wait, what's going on? This isn't right. is happy he didn't catch the show on Broadway or its big screen treatment released in 2012.

a great escape for people for two hours, but the biggest thing is the music, said Shunock.

Ralph Lauren Trainers Leather

just didn't want to go back on the road right away, said Shunock.

felt like the kid from Almost Famous. I'm like, 'Who the heck are you guys? Where do you get pants like that? Is that your real hair?' I don't know if that was the beginning or some foreshadowing of what was to come. was still appearing as Timon in a touring production of The Lion King when he first auditioned for Rock of Ages about three years ago.

my favour because I wasn't copying anybody or mimicking what they do. for Rock of Ages began Nov. 5. Previews started Dec. 18 followed by opening night on Jan. 5.

Credit his three older siblings who listened to many of the tracks the St. Mary's College graduate now sings as a cast member of the musical's Las Vegas production.

Ralph Lauren Trainers Leather

were already carved into Mark Shunock's memory long before he became a cast member of the musical's latest staging.

Ralph Lauren Trainers Leather

grateful that I didn't, said Shunock.

worry. It's not mine, he said.

In keeping with the eighties trademark of big hair, Shunock spots a mullet for Rock of Ages. For those too young to remember the decade of leg warmers, shoulder pads and parachute pants, that means long hair in the back, but cut short along the sides and front.

parents George and Cathy.

nice to finally have some space, he said after earlier stints in New York City and Los Angeles.

Ralph Lauren Trainers Leather

lot of people think it's my old hockey hair, but it's not. was keen to grow his locks long as a teenager, but members of the fairer sex cut those plans short.

guess it worked out in Lacoste Dreyfus Black

much as I love doing the show, I love doing the show for them, he said. knowing that they were there. You don't get many moments like that. is committed to Rock of Ages for one year. He's looking forward to presenting cabaret shows on his off days.

Shunock appears as Lonny Barnett, the show's narrator.

a great role. I've been spoiled (with) the last two big shows that I've been part of. I've been the humour. I leave all that drama for everybody else. shares a duet on REO Speedwagon's Can't Fight This Feeling and joins the ensemble on most of Rock of Ages' other 31 songs. The musical numbers include Bon Jovi's Wanted Dead or Alive, Europe's The Final Countdown and Twisted Sister's I Wanna Rock.

About 30 members of Ralph Lauren Trainers Leather his family, including all his siblings and parents, joined him for opening night. Shunock walked the red carpet with his Philipp Plein Led Sneakers

don't really leave the stage, he said.

Ralph Lauren Trainers Leather

People are (saying), 'How do you get up for the show every night?' Well, the minute you hear that guitar riff and the drummer start every night if you don't get up for it you're in the wrong show.

Ralph Lauren Trainers Leather

Rock of Ages features Sault's Shunock

Mention was made of a future Las Vegas run. That possibility excited him. It's one of Shunock's favourite destinations. The Rat Pack fan bought a home in Sin City in 2009.

Ralph Lauren Trainers Leather

Ralph Lauren Trainers Leather

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