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tradition, it's an important part of your morale and we try to maintain that here."

maintain this out of their overall budget it's really peanuts, and they're losing so much benefit from it," Schneider said.

Polo Ralph Lauren Women Sneakers

If the building were to be shut down, where would all of the artifacts go? It's a question that members like Shirley Schneider would really like an answer to.

The building may be a bit dated, but it certainly doesn't look run down. It is also filled with history like a donated piano that survived the bombings in Britain and the signatures of some Royal visitors, including Queen Elizabeth and Prince Phillip who became honourary members of the RUSI in 1951.

Polo Ralph Lauren Women Sneakers

Royal United Services Institute of Regina keeping up military tradition

President of the board of directors Cliff Walker says they first got word three years ago that the building could be shut down, and torn down all because of budget cut backs.

The Royal United Services Institute of Regina (RUSI) could be called the military footprint in Regina and it is in danger of closing.

Polo Ralph Lauren Women Sneakers

The building means a lot to its members and visitors are passionate about how the RUSI is representing the military in Saskatchewan.

"This gives the Canadian forces a footprint in the civilian community and it provides a place where we can have lectures and talks and seminars on what the Canadian forces are doing around the world," Jackson commented.

"You will have young soldiers a 19 year old young soldier or a 21 year old lieutenant and this takes them right back to their ancestors because if you're part of a regiment you're steeped in Lacoste Brown Suede Shoes

"The building suffered a fire in 1959 and where the interior was gutted Lv Loafers Blue

"It's a question really of operating and maintenance money and whether the department of national defence feels it can keep the RUSI open in the future past 2014," Walker explained.

Polo Ralph Lauren Women Sneakers

Polo Ralph Lauren Women Sneakers

Former protocol officer Michael Jackson was in the army reserves for 12 years. He said as soon as he retired, he changed his membership from the officer's mess to the institute, where he was able to stay connected to the same people.

Polo Ralph Lauren Women Sneakers

Located on Elphinstone Street across from the Sportsplex, RUSI is owned by the Department of National Defence. The department is threatening to tear it down telling members the building is too old. For the past few years, members have Polo Ralph Lauren Women Sneakers been fixing up the building trying to keep it open.

Polo Ralph Lauren Women Sneakers

everything from the inside towards the outside was rebuilt and now dates back to about the 1960s," Walker said.

"For what it's costing them to Polo Ralph Lauren Shoes Brown

Polo Ralph Lauren Women Sneakers

Members like Shirley Schneider and Eddie Mathew say they are not asking for much.

Polo Ralph Lauren Women Sneakers

Polo Ralph Lauren Women Sneakers

There were some issues with the RUSI building with things that had just deteriorated over the years. So the members decided to contribute out of their time and pockets to fix up the building to try and convince the department of national defence to keep it open.

"That's what we would like to know, this is sort of a museum all unto itself," she commented.

The building isn't that old, it was actually built in the WW2 era and Walker explains that the inside is actually a bit newer

This comes as a big blow to the members, especially because the institute is only eight years away from celebrating its centennial in the community.

"It shows the young soldiers are just as keen on the traditions going back to their ancestors, as people of my generation, and here you see that," Jackson commented.

He adds it's also a place for different generations to connect.

Polo Ralph Lauren Women Sneakers

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