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'Rocker' cast's sole real musician settled quickly into film

"I don't know how much I ended up helping them (other cast members) out," he said. "They had really great instructors for it, and they picked it up really fast. So, there wasn't too much assistance needed."

Palladium Maroon

Palladium Maroon

"He can lay it down," Geiger Palladium Maroon said. "He got a drum coach and started playing, and he got a kit after the movie."

"I realized a couple of months ago, people only know what I do as those 12 songs that are on 'Underage Thinking,'" Geiger said. "It's nice to be able to have 33 songs out there now that kind of widen that idea of the music I want to make. That's pretty exciting for me."

Although the songs were written and compiled primarily to support the movie, Geiger said he believes the soundtrack stands on its own.

much like shooting a music video," he said. "It reminded me of that experience. So I think that part was easy for me because I had prior experience."

Palladium Maroon

Palladium Maroon

Although Geiger was the only cast member who felt just as comfortable in a recording studio as on a sound stage, he said he wasn't the default band coach.

Neither did Geiger write any of the music performed in the film. He did, however, record the vocals for the soundtrack, and he said he enjoyed recording another musician's work.

Palladium Maroon

Geiger said the move to filmmaking was nerve wracking at first, but he quickly adapted, particularly when it came to the musical sequences.

Palladium Maroon

said. "It really sounds like it all came from the same band. I think that's important for the movie and I think that will make it an interesting soundtrack just because it's a cohesive work. It's the album of the band in the movie."

Teddy Geiger said he doesn't think Rainn Wilson could play the drums before working on "The Rocker," but the comedian can play them now.

Palladium Maroon

movie I had been, like, lip synching to his voice. Then, when I went to sing the songs, I was influenced heavily by the way he was singing them."

Palladium Maroon

"I really like it," he Palladium Low

Palladium Maroon

"The Rocker," opening Wednesday, tells the story of Robert "Fish" Fishman (Wilson), a middle aged drummer who tries to revive his rock 'n' roll dreams by touring with a group of youngsters. Geiger is the music man among the cast. Although he had done prior screen work, Geiger is best known for the Top 40 singles "For You I Will (Confidence)" and "These Walls," off his 2006 album "Underage Thinking."

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Palladium Maroon

"It was actually cool, the fact that I didn't write those songs," he said. "The melodies and the way I sang it ended up being different just because it wasn't something that was coming from my brain. " Chad Fischer, who wrote all the songs had recorded all the demo vocals, so during the course of the Ralph Lauren Sneakers Suede

Palladium Maroon

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