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Palladium Boots Green

Palladium Boots Green

we weren testing the range claims, it made no difference how much charge we Palladium Boots Hiking

Palladium Boots Green

car needed to run out of charge so that could be demonstrated.

noticed or were/are even bothered? It would have been a real achievement if they driven to the geographic one, but the magnetic one was relatively easy as it lies over northern Canada as opposed to the Arctic ocean! Yes it is only television, but viewers are being increasingly conned, and we should be bothered about it.

Palladium Boots Green

Clarkson drew a furious response from Nissan, which said data from the car, automatically sent to Nissan, showed the Leaf had been driven in circles around Lincoln until the battery ran out.

Rob Lloyd:

Palladium Boots Green

Wouldn be the first time that Top Gear "stretched" the truth! They claimed to have driven to the "north pole", when they actually meant the magnetic north pole rather than the geographic one. How many people Ralph Lauren Shoes Tan

much petrol went into a car when it started a journey. The First Post, Cnet, AFP/Yahoo NewsAugust 4, 2011 at 12:54pm

Nissan is blasting BBC Top Gear review of the company electric car, the Leaf, which was deliberately broken down in Lincoln in an episode of the show.

Palladium Boots Green

Palladium Boots Green

Palladium Boots Green

August 4, 2011 at 9:54am

From other posts I seen that the range of the Leaf is around 100 miles, so from the Top Gear Test Track they wouldn have even made it half way here, and from Television Centre they would have only made it to Colsterworth Services.

So nobody concerned that data from the car including its location, apparently is automatically sent to Nissan, then?.

August 4, 2011 at 9:51am

If you believe Top Gear or not their point is valid and also the other points made about the general running costs and costs for replacement batteries which would make these cars virtually worthless after 5 years.

Jeremy Clarkson refuted the accusations and reportedly said: how TV works. The piece was about the difficulties of recharging the electric car. no point did we mislead the viewers. Top Gear job is to say to everybody, a minute, do not believe (electric cars) can be run as simply as you have been told. Charging them up is a pain in the arse BBC also weighed in on the row with a statement saying: point of the film was to show how bad the charging infrastructure is in the UK.

Row erupts over Top Gear Lincoln episode

Ryan Cullen:

don say how Palladium Baggy Mens

Nissan executive vice president, Andy Palmer, accused Top Gear in an interview with The Times (paywall) of deceiving viewers, saying there were safeguards in place to stop Leaf drivers running out of power.

Top Gear is not the factual show that it used to be that will give you a full depth measurement on boot space in a car.

started with.

They had an idea for the segment, and they showed it. They highlighted that there are no charging stations in Lincolnshire. The nearest one was 40 odd miles away.

I genuinely believe Nissan has forgotten how TV works. Lots of things that I filmed that day never made it into the show, because in TV land, they cuts things down due to time restraints.

The Top Gear episode that aired on Sunday showed Jeremy Palladium Boots Green Clarkson driving the Nissan Leaf to Lincoln, where it ran out of electricity and was then pushed by helpful bystanders to an impromptu charging point at the University of Lincoln.

Palladium Boots Green

Nissan also pointed out the car battery had only a 40% charge when Clarkson began his trip, although the vehicle was delivered to Top Gear with a full charge.

Palladium Boots Green

Palladium Boots Green

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