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Carrie Newman poses with her daughter Marika after completing the Queen City Marathon. Photo submitted

Screenshot of video at the finish line after bombs went off at the Boston Marathon 2013.

Paul Duperreault wants to take back the finish line.

Palladium Pallaville Cvs

"My daughter will be in that area with my husband," Newman said talking about the site of the 2013 explosions. As frightening as that thought could be to Newman, she's thrilled that she gets to share the experience.

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Palladium Pallaville Cvs

Palladium Pallaville Cvs

Palladium Pallaville Cvs

Palladium Pallaville Cvs

"I was one of Palladium Pallaville Cvs the lucky ones," Duperreault said a year later. "We were only a couple of delays here and there away from being at that spot."

Palladium Pallaville Cvs

to decide whether or not to return to Boston for the 2014 marathon, Duperreault never hesitated. Over the last year, he's seen the stories of the survivors and said he wants to be back in a city full of such resilience.

One year after two bombs went off at the Boston Marathon, the Wilcox man is running the race again, hoping to be one of thousands to reclaim the race from the horrific events of 2013.

Palladium Pallaville Cvs

Duperreault didn't know about what happened until he and his wife got into their hotel room and turned on the news. He suddenly became aware of the police cars and sirens outside.

Duperreault said the energy of the crowd is enough to fuel its runners through the 42 kilometres to the finish line.

"The energy is unbelievable. Colleges are out. There's even a spot where people give kisses," Duperreault said with a chuckle. As he crossed the finish line, Duperreault heard the crowd cheering and felt relief wash over him. He did it; he completed the 'holy grail' of amateur running.

"That's going to be the highlight of my trip," Newman said, "seeing her standing on Boylston watching me cross the finish line.".

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Boston is the only marathon Duperrault has run outside of Regina's Queen City Marathon. Last year was his first time running in the race a hilly course that proved Lacoste Women Shoes 2017

Palladium Pallaville Cvs

runners strive to take back the finish line in Boston

Palladium Pallaville Cvs

Scene of bombing at Boston Marathon 2013.

"You're saying to yourself, why did I come out of that so lucky? Not even to see it not even to have hearing damage, nothing."

Palladium Pallaville Cvs

Duperreault is one of 35 Saskatchewan runners who qualified for the 2014 marathon. Carrie Newman of Regina is running in Boston for the first time, taking her husband and seven year old daughter, Marika, with her.

With his medal around his neck, Duperreault met with his wife at a nearby coffee shop. It was sooner than expected as Duperreault's wife had taken the subway with friends who had made the trip with them. After taking a photo, it was time to head back to their hotel. Duperreault and his wife got in to a cab and left the area while the friends stayed behind. It was that moment that transformed the finish line into a scene of chaos. Two pressure cooker bombs exploded killing three people and hurting hundreds of others.

Palladium Pallaville Cvs

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