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A. No.

PWGSC eventually cancelled the 2002 contract over issues of conflict of interest and having done so, determined to differentiate the 2002 and 2004 procurement processe by revamping tenets to the process itself. Goodfellow, was assigned to the project, replacing Pyett and as a means of furthering the ideals of separation of methods between the 2002 and 2004 procurement programs, Goodfellow was not informed by Pyett as to the unfair gaming and billing practices undergone in the 2002 procurement, nor the Crown knowledge of the same. Col.

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Q. Well, basically, what I getting as is, if he had told you that, there would been an Palladium Boots Review Hiking

Ross, via an e mail sent by Cutler requesting him to perform a risk analysis to determine impact of (tendering) a new contractor, (cost/challenges to the) break in service and (potential) legal challenges from RLRS, as noted within the Docket 07 CV 37522 transcript, presented as to his findings summarily, though indirectly, intimating risks of all would be lessened if RLRS were to win the retendered agreement.

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Q. Or about the fact that transferees were being charged property management fees?

Goodfellow testifying however, felt that RLRS competitive pricing plan was irrelevant knowledge to the other bidding parties and therefore, was of no concern. Pyett, did he brief you at all with respect to the zero bid by Royal LePage in 2002?

A. I don know what what information Mr. Pyett had at that time, so I don know what information he could passed on to me that would been any different than, or prevented, anything that the Auditor General found in as a result of her audit.

group role, Annis noted, to review and decide all of the related technical requirements (of the procurement process), develop the evaluation criteria as well as method of selection. As the 2002 SOW (Statement of Work) remained largely unchanged, the most important responsibility of the IWG was to Louis Vuitton Heels For Women

As a means of distancing potential accusation of providing an unfair advantage, Public Works Government Services Canada (PWGSC) began discussion as to the re tendering of a 2002 contract.

find that anyone experienced in conducting these tenders and administering the contract would recognize the extent of the pricing differential resulting from a Louis Vuitton High Top Sneakers White bid of 0 per cent versus nine percent for PMS and the resulting need for clarification of the provision of the RFP, explained Annis. fact that another bidder had previously interpreted the provisions in a significantly different fashion from that of RLRS required that it be brought forward for discussion by the IWG. The defendant had an obligation to ensure that its tenders were clear in their intention to all bidders.

Q. Had he told you that, it wouldn have taken an investigation by the Auditor General in 2005 and 6 to uncover that information, or would it?

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was incumbent on them to make known to those involved in the 2004 procurement process that RLRS, in winning the 2002 contract, had bid on the PMS provisions in an entirely different manner than Envoy, said Annis.

redraft the evaluation criteria and an extra added task of modifying the selection formula.

2002 Integrated Relocation Program (IRP) contract, began to reveal inconsistencies and biases with reference to competitive gaming practices engaged upon by RLRS and the Crown elision of their knowledge of the fact.

issue that came to light at a much earlier stage than before the Auditor General commented on it in her audit in 2006?

Q. No.

Knowledge as to the meeting kept suppressed, on Aug. 29 Jim Lockington, President of RLRS, sent a letter to Ross noting his disappointment in the PWGSC decision to conduct a full re tender of the 2002 contract; and as the contract had not yet been dissolved through officiation of a decision to re tender, Lockington, in addition to requesting further information as to the potentiality of the decision, asked also to be given advance notice of other announcements indented by PWGSC with respect to such reasons, noted the docket.

The second portion of this expos focuses on the 2004 decision to re tender the Crown Integrated Relocation Program and the ensuing results to attempt covering of Royal LePage Relocation Service (RLRS) insider dealings, illegal charging and the Crown knowledgeable complicity. Genest as to the methods used by Royal LePage Relocation Services (RLRS) in their procurement of the Crown Louis Vuitton Heels White

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the 2004 RFP was finalized containing the same formula that allowed RLRS to bid 0 per cent for PMS, while at the same time, all other bidders provided a ceiling rate based on fair market value. The effect of this was that the RFP contained an undisclosed preference in favor of RLRS, Annis furthered.

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Royal LePage Relocation Services

A. No.

A. I I can you rephrase your question? I not sure I understand what you asking me.

Proactively, Public Works Government Services Canada (PWGSC) held a meeting to brief the Deputy Minister discuss the decision and the information it had received from the investigation conducted by Mr. Genest, said Presiding Judge J. Annis.

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On Aug. 21, 2003, the first concerns as to litigation arising from the decision to re tender the 2002 procurement process from RLRS, were raised against the Crown.

In attendance were Allan Cutler, Dan Ross, Dave Dobson and six unnamed individuals.

This was not done.

2003 Singh and Pyett were aware that RLRS had quoted a ceiling price of 0 per cent for the PMS (Project Management Services) in their 2002) RFP (Request for Proposal), yet had then proceeded to charge transferees nine per cent for these services, said Annis. find that their expectation, based upon their knowledge, was that if the same provisions were used in the 2004 procurement process, the same results would follow, thereby increasing competitive changes for RLRS to win the re tender agreement.

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