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"They want fair compensation and they want access," he explained. "That's something that we work on. We've heard that quite clearly through the consultations, the open houses."

Part of the future Regina bypass route is being mapped out, giving drivers an idea of how they will some day be able to get around the city.

Ralph Lauren Shoes Blue And Yellow

Tower Road in the east end south of Highway One has been identified as a bypass route as well. McMorris says the entire project will likely cost upwards of $300 million. A public/private partnership deal could be sought as a way to help reduce the cost to taxpayers, he Palladium Boots Limited Edition

The map issued by the province Tuesday also includes possible longer term bypasses. Should the area east of the city continue to see growth over the next five to seven decades the map outlines a possible extension of the south bypass, extending south from the Highway 46 turn off near Balgonie to connect with Highway 6. A new Ring Road type circle could be formed in the long term as well should the province extend the Tower Road bypass north as well.

That means cutting through a wide swath of land, owned by 27 RM land holders. McMorris confirms that only 24 of the 27 property owners have been contacted by the Highways Ministry so far. No purchases have been made yet, as those owners are still raising their concerns.

Route chosen for south Regina Prada Shoes Shiny Black

Ralph Lauren Shoes Blue And Yellow

Those allegations have yet to be proven in court.

Ralph Lauren Shoes Blue And Yellow

McMorris admits the ministry is always trying to improve its consultation and negotiation process and he says there's no reason to expect any type of legal action will result in the work on the south portion of the bypass.

has planned for the western portion of the Regina bypass. Some say they were forced to abandon their homes in a matter of days, only to have the property sit empty for over a year. Others allege that the Highways Ministry has stifled their plans to develop their land into commercial projects like gas stations by taking more than 10 times the amount of land they were initially told Ralph Lauren Shoes Blue And Yellow they would lose.

Ralph Lauren Shoes Blue And Yellow

Ralph Lauren Shoes Blue And Yellow

Ralph Lauren Shoes Blue And Yellow

But that hasn't been the case to the west of Regina. CJME told you earlier this year about a lawsuit by land owners near Pinkie Road who have objected to how the province Gray Palladium Boots

The announcement Tuesday illustrates the section that would connect Highway 33 east of the city to the under construction Pinkie Road interchange west of Regina. It extends diagonally from Highway 33 south towards Highway 6, intersecting five kilometres south of the current Albert Street overpass.

Work on a future bypass for the city has been on going for years but on Tuesday morning Highways Minister Don McMorris issued a map depicting the government's preferred route. He stressed the importance of getting the bypass route established as soon as possible.

McMorris is adamant that the province is generally able to reach amicable deals with 95 per cent of property owners they enter negotiations with when buying land for roadways.

Ralph Lauren Shoes Blue And Yellow

"A lot of the heavy traffic , the large trucks, are going in to Victoria Avenue East and going around Ring Road in Regina when they never should be interfacing with the local traffic and light car traffic. So to get that traffic off the number one highway, on to a bypass, around to the (Global Transportation Hub) makes a lot of sense and really, quite frankly, increases the safety for all drivers."


"This small pocket of bureaucrats have simply created what I will call a bureaucratic nightmare for us," said Fred Siller, one of those land owners, at the time.


Ralph Lauren Shoes Blue And Yellow

Ralph Lauren Shoes Blue And Yellow

Ralph Lauren Shoes Blue And Yellow

Ralph Lauren Shoes Blue And Yellow

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