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What all these fake scandalettes have in common is the NSM deciding, all together, that they've found some Watergate moment that will make them heroes and bring down the hated Conservatives. So any facts that contradict their central theory are discarded.

Except that's not what Elections Canada actually said. They said "more than 31,000 contacts have been initiated with Elections Canada by Canadians."

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about our soldiers' treatment of Taliban prisoners; or the fake freak out over a common parliamentary procedure called prorogation; Polo Ralph Lauren Black Shoes

or, more recently, the fake freak out over the right to have gay divorces in Canada for gay marriages performed in other countries.

But what did Elections Canada's actual 190 page report from the last election say?

the Elections Canada website just like clicking "like" on Facebook. It's enough for the NSM to scream that thousands of robot "complaints" are flooding in.

Today's narrative is that robots stole the election. They say Elections Canada admits that theyve received "31,000 complaints" about robots so far.

Even Americans are getting in on the game. You'll remember Avaaz as the propagandists who tried to get the Sun News Network banned by the CRTC before we even broadcast a single minute on TV. They're asking their international membership to contact Elections Canada.

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pack thinking.

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The NSM that stands for the non Sun Media thinks robots stole the last election for Stephen Harper by calling up Liberals and using their robotic powers to convince them not to vote.

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In fact, their report calls media comments to the contrary "speculation."

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So were there irregularities? There always are in a country of 34 million people and thousands of temporary Elections Canada workers. Buy Prada Boots Online But Elections Canada concluded the results were not affected.

The NSM is caught up in this conspiracy theory. It's become a mania. They've whipped each other up. It's a study in the madness of crowds, of Louis Vuitton Shoes Women Boots

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Thirty one thousand contacts. Not 31,000 complaints. What's the difference?

Talk about manipulating democracy.

robots didn't highjack the election

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It means recent form letters sent in by Liberals and NDPers complaining about the scandalette. They've set up a website automating complaints to Elections Canada. Their "non partisan" website has generated thousands of clicks on Amazon Uk Ralph Lauren Shoes

It referenced hundreds of irregularities the 2011 election. Most of which were Elections Canada staff sleeping in or otherwise not showing up at a polling station on time. There were a few reports of shenanigans. But here's what they concluded, on page 3: "There was no conduct reported that would bring into question the integrity of the election result overall or the result in a particular riding."

You couldn't pick up a newspaper or turn on the TV without hearing that stat.

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