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Prada Camouflage Leather Sneakers

On Wednesday, both of these interests coexisted in her 310 Art on Lyman Street. Monaghan prepared to install the second national members show for WIA at her gallery, and she also flipped through the organization's newsletter archive stretching back to the 1970s.

Prada Camouflage Leather Sneakers

"We have been getting together informally every Palladium Boots Blue

Monaghan said the name of the show, "River of Art," references this history.

Prada Camouflage Leather Sneakers

Monaghan said she enjoys the networking, educational opportunities and camaraderie the organization offers. It incorporated in 1973 as Women in the Arts Foundation, Inc. (WIA). Well known artists such as Lee Krasner, Faith Ringgold, Audrey Flack and Joan Mitchell exhibited works in the organization's shows the early 1970s.

The art behind the activism will be on display starting April 11. "River of Art 2" will feature 50 pieces from 25 member artists from across the country.

Prada Camouflage Leather Sneakers

Prada Camouflage Leather Sneakers

Prada Camouflage Leather Sneakers

The Asheville area has the highest concentration of member artists, behind only New York City, the birthplace of the organization. This is the second time Monaghan has hosted the annual exhibit.

"It's a mixed bag of art," Monaghan said. "There are paintings, drawings, mixed media, as well as more sculptural pieces on the wall and some on pedestals. Everybody does their own thing; it's a very eclectic show."

Prada Camouflage Leather Sneakers

Around 15 local artists will be represented in Palladium Boots Pampa Hi Cuff

River of Art exhibition features women artists

"We are thinking of ourselves as the river of art through generations," she said. But this is also a living history, she said, and they are always seeking new members.

"I'm inviting some younger college students who are art majors to come and network," she said. "We need to broaden our membership and keep the organization alive."

the small works show, she said. Every member was invited to participate in the exhibit, she said, and only the works were judged (each artist could present two works).

ASHEVILLE Artist Fleta Monaghan "has a real sense of history," she said.

Prada Camouflage Leather Sneakers

months," Monaghan said. "So it's not just all work, work, work."

Prada Camouflage Leather Sneakers

"Those types of things are real peaceful and purposeful," she said. "I feel that is something that we can carry forward."

She's a student of art and art history, this River Arts District painter and multimedia artist noted. These interests motivated her participation in The Women in Art Foundation, a national organization founded in 1971 to advocate against outdated concepts and attitudes about women as professional artists.

Prada Camouflage Leather Sneakers

Monaghan was struck by the Prada Camouflage Leather Sneakers legacy of advocacy and activism captured in the newsletters, she said, from statistical surveys revealing the lack of women artists represented in galleries and museums, to getting women artists more represented in the White House's collection.

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