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Finding students who prefer rural life

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Dr. Wayne Myers, former president of the national Rural Health Association, is impressed that South Dakota has picked up on Minnesota's lead.

of Medicine. "They have an even higher proportion from that program who only practice in rural areas."

Amy Elizondo, vice president of program services for the National Rural Health Association, said there are 34 rural training tracks in medical schools across the country today, up from 25 only four years ago. Working with a grant from President Obama's Workforce Initiative, Elizondo said her organization has seen 70 percent of those trained in rural training tracks end up practicing in rural America. That's critical at a time when the Affordable Care Act is driving up the rural demand for health care, she said.

Its track record impressed South Dakota officials. Of more than 1,300 students who participated in Minnesota's rural medicine program, two thirds now practice in the state. Additionally, two thirds of those participants are rural physicians somewhere in America. And 80 percent are in primary care.

Minnesota's Rural Physician Associate Program has been in place since 1971. Like FARM, it sends out third year medical students to live and train for nine months in nonmetropolitan communities.

Ralph Lauren Trainers Uk Size 8

"The first and most important thing is, where do they come from?" said Christensen, associate director Ralph Lauren Trainers Uk Size 8 of the Rural Physician Associate Program (RPAP). "The way we pick our students is . we look for students who grew up on farms or in small communities, or have really good ties to parents or grandparents in those communities."

Ralph Lauren Trainers Uk Size 8

Ralph Lauren Trainers Uk Size 8

Ralph Lauren Trainers Uk Size 8

Ralph Lauren Trainers Uk Size 8

"There was a gap in the rural areas," Elizondo said of those seeking health care. "Now, more of those people are seeking treatment. Meeting the demand on that growing segment . well, we're still waiting on data to see how that is playing out in the rural areas."

Ralph Lauren Trainers Uk Size 8

While states such as North Dakota and Nebraska have rural training programs as well, "Minnesota is clearly the one we patterned after," said Dr. Mary Nettleman, dean of the Sanford School Louis Vuitton Shoes Women Heels

Ralph Lauren Trainers Uk Size 8

Ralph Lauren Trainers Uk Size 8

Ralph Lauren Trainers Uk Size 8

rural health care plan borrows from Minnesota

Heather Walker, a third year University of South Dakota medical student, participates in the Frontier and Rural Medicine program. She types up her own medical student notes and checks out patients' charts at Winner Regional Hospital. State law no longer bars medical students from being licensed to practice in their third year of residency training.

South Dakota does well, too. Of its graduates who are at least 10 to 15 years out of medical school, 40 percent practice in Louis Vuitton Green Sneakers

Officials on the Duluth campus also send out first and second year students as many as five times a year for weeklong stays with primary care physicians and rural doctors, Christensen said. The entirety of that experience, including the third year, makes him believe that rural track students get every bit the education their urban counterparts do.

In Duluth, Dr. Ray Christensen said the key in South Dakota will be as it is in Minnesota putting students into the program with Prada Shoes Buy Online

"Those of us in rural education believe this experience far exceeds the education they get in the Twin Cities," he said. encouragingan all in approach

ties to rural life.

primary care, 28 percent are in rural areas and 37 percent have remained in South Dakota.

If they like it, the theory goes, then maybe they will come back to a rural setting once their education and residency are done.

"Lots of medical schools do little Tinkerbell three week, four week romantic experiences, go out and see the natives," Myers, who lives on a farm in rural Maine, said. "But what you're doing in South Dakota, I haven't heard of that happening at a lot of medical schools. That's a very substantial experience, very impressive and commendable."

But the state is looking to do more. So six of its third year medical students who applied for selection in the FARM program left in July for five rural sites where they will live and train for the next nine months.

Ralph Lauren Trainers Uk Size 8

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