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Robert Kubica 'still believes' he will one day race in Formula 1 again

"But I'm convinced that this will come back slowly," he added.

"Things are improving. It wasn't like this six months ago and it wasn't like this three months ago. And thanks to rallies and tests on the race track, slowly my condition is improving but there's still a long way to go."

Palladium Boots High Top

Kubica explained that, while the strength in his arm is "not what it was", the "bigger problem is the limitation in the supination and pronation of the arm and the limited functionality in my fingers".

The former BMW and Renault driver has been out of the sport since being involved in a horrific accident in February 2011 that caused multiple fractures to his right arm and leg.

winning at the first attempt at an event in Italy and has since completed in further rallies and driven a Citroen WRC machine.

Palladium Boots High Top


Palladium Boots High Top

He added: "If you cannot have the thing you want, you want the thing you have. Most important for me is that I have seen the pace is still there and I am absolutely sure I can drive competitively again."

Palladium Boots High Top

Palladium Boots High Top

flight remained his goal.

Palladium Boots High Top

"It's not just a dream. Right now I have limitations with driving single seaters, but they are less than they look from the Palladium Kids Shoes

Palladium Boots High Top

"When you have raced for 20 years and one day you have to stop. it's not easy, especially when you are hit with Palladium Boots High Top big problems," he added.

"Nerves need a lot of time and I see progress even if it's slow. I am quite sure this will be. not fixed, but not a big problem."

"I still believe I can come back," he declared to the magazine.

Robert Kubica remains convinced that he can still return to Formula 1, the Pole insisting a comeback after his injuries sustained in a rally crash is "not just a dream".

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Having had numerous operations over the past two years to improve the mobility of his arm and hand, the 28 year old returned to a competitive motorsport environment last September in a rally car Prada Mens Shoes 2017

Palladium Boots High Top

Kubica admitted that he found F1 "not easy to watch" since his accident and that working towards a return to the top Philipp Plein Sneakers Online

Mercedes' new motorsport boss Toto Wolff revealed earlier this week that Kubica was set to test one of the German manufacturer's DTM cars in Valencia and it had been suggested that the Pole's most likely destination for a competitive future in motorsport was either in a rally or touring car, rather than in the tighter confines of an F1 cockpit.

Palladium Boots High Top

Palladium Boots High Top

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