Palladium Hiking Boots

Charles also gave a shout out to Yao Ming, who helped lead a campaign in China against popular demand for shark fin soup, he said. That, combined Lacoste Takkies 2017

Palladium Hiking Boots

Nothing gets attention for a cause more than a British royal on the podium, and nothing can beat that except three British royals on the podium, including two handsome young princes.

with government bans on the serving the soup at government functions, caused " a dramatic drop" in demand, Charles said, and surveys showed that up to 85% of city dwellers had reduced or completely stopped eating shark fin soup.

Palladium Hiking Boots

Palladium Hiking Boots

As an added bonus: Other celebs have joined the cause, too, including David Beckham and basketball star Yao Ming. They joined William in a video message supporting anti poaching efforts.

Story HighlightsCharles, William and Harry help focus new urgency on fighting poachingDavid Beckham and Yao Ming add their voicesWorld Lacoste Sneakers Girls

Palladium Hiking Boots

Palladium Hiking Boots

Palladium Hiking Boots

Harry wasn't originally on the schedule to attend the conference but British royal correspondents reported on Twitter that he asked a few days ago if he could join, adding even more royal weight to the anti poaching cause.

"As many experts are telling us, if we 'follow the money' and take back organized crime's ill gotten gains now done, of course, to combat trafficking in drugs, weapons and people Ralph Lauren Shoes All Black

Prince Charles and Prince William tour exhibit about Palladium Hiking Boots wildlife poaching before Illegal Wildlife Trade Conference they helped organize in London, Feb. 13. , 2014.(Photo: John Stillwell AP)

Palladium Hiking Boots

Prince Harry, Prince Charles and Prince William arrive at Illegal Wildlife Trade Conference that they helped organize, in London, Feb. 13.(Photo: John Stillwell AP)

How do you stop a $17 billion a year wildlife poaching trade? The royals have some ideas.

Palladium Hiking Boots

Palladium Hiking Boots

So even though a top British government official, the foreign secretary, was there to address a London conference on stopping the illegal wildlife trade today, it was Prince Charles and his sons, Prince William, 32, and Prince Harry, 29, who attracted the cameras.

Palladium Hiking Boots

William Hague, the foreign secretary, then addressed the assembly, saying the $17 billion a year illegal wildlife trade is a global criminal industry that ranks with drugs, arms and people trafficking.

we can send a strong message to criminals that there are serious consequences when they kill endangered wildlife for profit," Charles said, his sons by his side at the conference.

leaders vow to do something

And they weren't just for show. The first , second , and fourth in line to the throne are all crucial to this cause, having helped lead the effort to gather world leaders at Lancaster House to discuss greater global cooperation in stopping an illicit trade that has reached "unimaginable heights," Charles said, in killing off endangered species such as elephants, rhinos and tigers.

In his speech, the Prince of Wales borrowed a phrase from American history to make his case that there are ways to successfully reduce the killing trade, including using financial tools to attack the organized crime gangs that run it. He said he's organizing a meeting with bankers to discuss that.

Royal princes star at illegal

Palladium Hiking Boots

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