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Raeder isn't alone in her pursuit of a marathon in every state. She joined the 50 States Marathon Club, which has 3,300 members, with 13 in South Dakota. A club for those who have run a marathon on all seven continents also exists, but Raeder isn't planning on joining that any time soon.

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"I run faster when I have someone there with me," Raeder says.

Louis Vuitton High Top Sneakers

Louis Vuitton High Top Sneakers

Laura Raeder divides the marathons she has run into two categories: fun and "not always so much fun."

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Running 50 marathons in 44 months and 36 marathons in two years took a lot of planning. Raeder drove to only eight marathons, meaning most Louis Vuitton High Top Sneakers times she flew in on a Saturday, ran the Sunday marathon and flew back on Monday morning. Only twice did she have problems with flights home. Alaska and Hawaii were the exceptions. She took a little extra time in those two states.

"I needed something to fill my time," says Raeder, who moved to Sioux Falls about 15 years ago and is the Sioux Falls School District's high school curriculum Prada Mens Shoes Leather Trainers Sneakers

Louis Vuitton High Top Sneakers

country that once was separated by a wall.

Louis Vuitton High Top Sneakers

Louis Vuitton High Top Sneakers

Actually, it's not true that Raeder doesn't have a new goal. She does it just doesn't require her to go through a pair of running shoes in preparation. Raeder has twin nephews, "the highlight of my existence," who were born around Labor Day. Her marathon schedule has meant she couldn't be there for the boys' first two birthdays.

the jugular 'cause I just wanted it to be over."

That time period also includes repeating the Boston Marathon in 2011 and doing shorter races. In Florida, she took what is called the "Goofy challenge": a half marathon on Saturday and a marathon the next day. Raeder also took part in a 50 mile run in the Black Hills. One double weekend, however, was enough.

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And that was only the first of the 19 marathons she ran last year.

Her first marathon was in Fargo in May 2009. By 2010, she had qualified for the Boston Marathon. After completing that, Raeder needed another challenge. That's when she set a goal of running a 26.2 mile race in each of the 50 states. She met that goal in December in South Carolina, 44 months after she started.

coordinator. "My sister at that point had run a few marathons, so I decided to try and do that."

She would like to run the marathon in Berlin, Germany, which now winds through the Polo Ralph Lauren Shoes Junior

What might surprise you is that Raeder did not run track or cross country in high school and didn't run her first marathon until she was 30. That was the year the Watertown native stopped coaching high school debate.

Raeder is considering her next goal. Some members of the 50 States Marathon Club are on their second, third or fourth circuit of the states. Raeder also has been advised to start triathlons, but the swimming portion of that competition holds no appeal.

"At some point, my ego went away, and I didn't worry about the times any more," she says.

Louis Vuitton High Top Sneakers

Louis Vuitton High Top Sneakers

Speed wasn't the point of the marathons, however.

Whenever possible, family and friends came along, some to run their own races, others to cheer her on during the marathon.

The marathon she ran in January 2013 in Indiana falls into the latter category, but as long as you didn't have to run it, it's fun to hear Raeder talk about it. "At some point in the middle of the race, I was kind of wishing a rabid animal would come along and go for Lacoste Casual Shoes For Women 2017

During that marathon, Raeder found herself confronting logs on the path. Too tired to leap over them, she says she "stumbled" across them instead. When she returned to her hotel room at midnight, waiting for her was a message that said her morning flight had been canceled.

"I didn't get enough calories in between the races, so that second race was pretty horrible," Raeder says.

Running a marathon in all 50 states

Louis Vuitton High Top Sneakers

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