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a group was Lacoste Rubber Shoes Ladies

Lv Womens Sneakers

Accessed by a parking lot frequented by vandals on Route 3 just north of the Plymouth Holderness line, this is not the safest spot to visit.

Downstream, below the old remnants of the Pumpkinseed Bridge, there were teenagers throwing themselves off 50 foot cliffs, landing dangerously close to the rocks.

my Birkenstocks with lots of jagged rocks pointing upward, glass and trash and narrow paths which cut away to cliffs near the old mill.

Lv Womens Sneakers

On the edge of the falls, a man sat with a backpack and he was drinking one can after another of some sort of beverage, while below him, a man was fishing and catching one right in the falls.

At their request, I called 911 and a Campton officer arrived to take the information.

Lv Womens Sneakers

Across the river, at the newly developed Livermore Falls picnic area and beach just below Lv Womens Sneakers the falls, a Holderness Police officer stands in the parking lot on hot busy summer days.

Lv Womens Sneakers

You are taking risks entering the water above the falls but it is a beautiful spot to observe.

The officer noted it happens often there and that it seems cars with out of state license plates are targeted.

The small sandy beach had extremely hot sand on my bare feet.

rushing falls on 'wild west' side of Livermore Falls

It is beautiful, but this is the wild west side.

The walking was treacherous in Palladium Fashion

Lv Womens Sneakers

A family from Rhode Island had set up an open air tent and the kids were playing in a pool just above the falls.

Lv Womens Sneakers

When I got back to the parking lot with my camera with the "no parking signs," which everyone ignores, including the cops, Palladium Boots Ladies

Lv Womens Sneakers

Lv Womens Sneakers

This is not a nanny state. We call it the live free or die state.

On Sunday, I went to see what was going on on the wild west side and I got an eyeful.

surrounding a car that had just had its window smashed. Nothing was taken.

Lv Womens Sneakers

Lv Womens Sneakers

Lv Womens Sneakers

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