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"It has to be self motivated. The guys on the team have to take the responsibility of, 'hey, we're going to take ownership of what we're doing.' The coaches can only do so much. They put the scheme together. Motivational speeches, you can do that all day long but when it boils down to it we have to go out there and we have to make plays."In the offseason and during the 2011 season, the Roughriders have lost captains Jeremy O'Day and Omarr Morgan as well as veterans Chris Szarka, Tad Kornegay and Luc Mullinder.

Slow starts

Hall's defense gave up 31 points in the first half of Friday night's game against the Calgary Stampeders and ended up holding Calgary to just one touchdown in the second half.

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Durant acknowledges he can't be the only voice in the locker room.

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And if the Roughriders wait to be Philipp Plein Shoes White embarrassed before they start playing better football, there definitely should be better performances ahead after their 1 6 start to the season.

"You can say everything that you want. The bottom line is it comes from within you to play with a sense of pride. When you cross these white strips you have to come out ready to play football. You can't wait to be embarrassed. You have to be proactive in your approach. You want to come out and take charge. You want to come out and be the one who gives the first blow and we didn't."

The season has been a series of miscues, leading to a 1 6 start and the team fighting for the respect they've had over the last five seasons.

Eddie Johnson kicked for the first time in a week and half and looks like he'll be ready to be back in the line up after Chris Milo handled the kicking duties in the 45 35 loss to Calgary.

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Roughriders players

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Philipp Plein Shoes White

Philipp Plein Shoes White

The Roughriders running backs Hugh Charles and Wes Cates were not on the practice field on Sunday. Head Coach Greg Marshall says Charles is nursing an injury and is optimistic Charles will play Thursday after scoring three touchdowns on Friday.

The loss in leadership isn't lost on one of the players taking on a larger role in the locker room, Darian Durant.

do before kickoff.

Defensive coordinator Richie Hall says there's not much more the coaches can Lacoste Red Shoes

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"We learn in different ways and we can't turn it on and turn it off. We have to come ready to compete right from the opening whistle."

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News and Notes

"If it's not in you, there is no need to fake it."

"I think losing (those players) who really meant a lot to the locker room, it's tough. Hopefully we can have some guys Prada Shoes For Sale London

While Simpson believes they have enough players to fill those roles, Durant says leadership isn't a skill you learn.

The motivation of the team is in question after the team finds itself playing from behind too often than not and seemingly waiting until they're well back before they start playing with passion.

Linebacker Barrin Simpson has taken a larger leadership role in his second season with the Roughriders but Lacoste Misano Boat

Philipp Plein Shoes White

The Saskatchewan Roughriders head into their final game before the bye week hoping to find some positive momentum before they go their separate ways after Thursday's game in Toronto.

doesn't believe the team needs elaborate speeches to get fired up to win.

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step up on both sides of the ball and fill that void of leadership and locker room presence that those guys left."

"I can only say so much. I have to make sure that I keep myself from getting too hyped up because I have a lot to concentrate on. It was tough losing those guys because not only were they great locker room guys they were great leaders and mentors. We're missing that in the locker room right now."

Philipp Plein Shoes White

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