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of his Primary edge. Also, many of the other candidates in the race, most notably the third place finisher Lou Gigliotti endorse Hall.

"He's a nice guy," Hall conceded, but noted Ratcliffe was one "of the biggest lobbyists that comes to Washington."

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"It went about like about like a thought it would," Hall said Thursday. "I knew I was going to have a runoff."

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"I've got 11,000 votes on him," Hall said Ralph Lauren Womens Shoes Amazon

The two month break until the May 27 runoff, Hall fears will work to Ratcliffe's advantage, giving his opponent more time to buy ads.

Palladium Knee High Boots

"I have to have some help with the money," Hall said. "The election is Louis Vuitton Shoes Heels

Palladium Knee High Boots

"All the time in January and February I was on the floor up here (Washington)," Hall said in a telephone interview Thursday. "That was what I was hired to do. against him in the election.

"If he (Ratcliffe) can buy it, he'll buy it," Hall said. law firm and has virtually "unlimited funds."

Hall characterized Ratcliffe as a "Dallas guy." Ratcliffe, a former US attorney and mayor of Heath, certainly has not been seen in these parts. My telephone calls to his campaign were not returned.

Palladium Knee High Boots

Palladium Knee High Boots

Palladium Knee High Boots

Hall said Palladium Mens Boots Clearance

he plans to "walk out" numerous cities in the district. That's where he wanders through the various courthouse offices and downtown shops handing out his lucky pennies.

Hall does have one enormous edge.

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In last week's Republican Primary, Hall garnered 45.42 percent of the vote. John Ratcliffe, his nearest opponent in the six man field, polled 28.77 percent.

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Runoff poses new challenge

Hall knows his opponent has an advantage in one area.

Palladium Knee High Boots

"Just have to take this guy (Ratcliffe) on," Hall said. "I'm going to work day in and day out."

mine to lose. I am taking the position that District 4 is not for sale"

The runoff, however, will be Palladium Knee High Boots a new game.

Hall is committed to winning this last term. He wants to be there when President Obama leaves office. Hall also has no doubts about how his first experience with a runoff election will turn out.

Palladium Knee High Boots

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