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Even though the media was kept away on the whole from asking the most probing questions, 21 year old Gareth Foster from Moss Bank wasn't going to let the game's greatest player off the hook.

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Ralph Lauren Shoes Harvey

asked 'who was the team's joker' and Sonny Bill replied Issac Luke."

Rugby juniors put questions to the Kiwis From St Helens Star

Next week will see the Kangaroos in town as Australia play Fiji at Langtree Park.

And on Tuesday they headed up to Langtree Park to chat with youngsters from teams such as Blackbrook, Thatto Heath and Haresfinch.

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Ralph Lauren Shoes Harvey

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Ralph Lauren Shoes Harvey

Haresfinch player Connor Seddon, aged nine, added: "I asked what do you have to do to play in the NRL. These are my heroes and I want to be like them one day."

Paul Ellison, from Blackbrook, said: "They asked Ralph Lauren Shoes Harvey how hard was it playing as a prop, how can they get better and what type of food should they eat.

Ralph Lauren Shoes Harvey

Ralph Lauren Shoes Harvey

Gareth, a Saints Community Development Foundation employee who uses a wheelchair, told the Star: "I asked him who was the best all round rugby player he's played with. He told me he'd have to think about it and come back to me.

amazing for them because this is a once in a lifetime opportunity. My son watches these guys on the television all the time."

Tickets are just 10 for adults and 5 for children. Sales have so far been slow so organisers hope the tournament launch will see interest pick up considerably.

"It's made my year. It's not often you get to see blokes like that. He's my sporting hero number one."

As the Star revealed last week, the Kiwis are in St Helens using Saints' Cowley training base as they prepare for the tournament, which starts this weekend.

difficulty understanding where Thatto Heath was, Sonny Bill the dual code international and boxer, was happy to chat with youngsters and coaches.

Ralph Lauren Shoes Harvey

Ralph Lauren Shoes Harvey

Ralph Lauren Shoes Harvey

Steve Floyd, coach with the under nines at Haresfinch, said: "The kids are overawed. It's Lv Sneakers Black

Ralph Lauren Shoes Harvey

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