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"It's always hard to compare the two in terms of braking stability; we don't have exactly the same braking style or points. It's feeling related but it doesn't look too bad."

"So they generate downforce in a different way and it seems to work well with their car."

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Grosjean and team mate Kimi Raikkonen set identical times in Friday afternoon's practice session to line up behind Sebastian Vettel and his team mate Mark Webber.

"They're quick and if it's the same story as Spa, they can run a very low rear wing level and their diffuser seems to be good," the Frenchman said admiringly.

Prada Silver Sandals Sale

"It could be and that's what we are all struggling with. That's why I said it's a question of feeling," he added.

Lotus might have had an encouraging start to their Italian GP weekend but Romain Grosjean still thinks Red Bull are "uncatchable" at Monza.

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Prada Silver Sandals Sale

"It's hard to say what Palladium Red And White

Prada Silver Sandals Sale

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Vettel himself reckons that Saturday qualifying might be rather closer but Grosjean suggested there is every chance the rest of the weekend could turn into a rout.

Romain Grosjean reckons Red Bull could well be uncatchable at Monza this weekend

Lotus themselves spent the day evaluating a new longer wheelbase version of their E21 chassis. Raikkonen was given that particular task, even though he opted not to try it out in the simulator first, while Grosjean ran the conventional model.

On the face of it, the fact that both drivers set of time of 1:25.116s might not seem particularly helpful if Lotus must decide which car is quicker. Yet, according to Grosjean, there's rather more to it than that.

Prada Silver Sandals Sale

Prada Silver Sandals Sale

Prada Silver Sandals Sale

With Monza's long straights and chicanes placing an emphasis on braking stability, Grosjean agreed that a longer wheelbase car might offer a slight advantage.

positive for the future."

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"He seems really happy, so maybe it's a Men's Black Prada Trainers Cheap

is the difference. It's almost impossible to change between P1 and P2, so Kimi did the whole day with it.

"That's to hide the reality!" he said of the dead heat. "I don't know yet; we'll look at all the data at the factory to know what is what with the long wheelbase but I think it's more related to the feeling.

Prada Silver Sandals Sale

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Prada Silver Sandals Sale

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