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Organisers today revealed that a total of 1,750 people have signed up so far to take part in the event that always proves to be hugely more than last year.

Roads to close for popular Wolverhampton marathon Express Star

Mens Polo Ralph Lauren Shoes Sale

The new Banks' 10k run will start at 9.40am.

Mens Polo Ralph Lauren Shoes Sale

RE: moaning comments as previously commented there were NO signs etc put up in the Pendeford Area telling residents that the marathon would be coming through today. I understand that they are raising money but why does it have to be to the cost of residents who are just trying to go about their normal weekend? Also the amount of water that was wasted is shocking. Runners were Palladium Leather Boots Review

be made one way in the direction of the race from 8.45am, while Aldersley Road from its junction with Hordern Road to Oxley Moor Road will also be closed.

I lived on the Marathon route most of my life and find it a great privilege to be able to cheer on the runners every year. I have many childhood memories of sitting out front clapping and have always enjoyed it and now I take my own children to cheer. This year due to the introduction of the 10K race I was actually able to take part myself and ran past my parents house getting cheered by my children, family and neighbours. By taking part I have raised 400 for Birmingham Children Hospital. It amazes me that people can complain about this popular and successful event.

Charities set to benefit from this year's event will be Compton Hospice, Midlands Air Ambulance and Sunnyside Kennels, as well as the mayoral charities.

Mens Polo Ralph Lauren Shoes Sale

Mens Polo Ralph Lauren Shoes Sale

This map shows the route more than 1,500 runners will trace, with a series of road closures due to be put in place.

Mens Polo Ralph Lauren Shoes Sale

Mens Polo Ralph Lauren Shoes Sale

Mens Polo Ralph Lauren Shoes Sale

Hordern Road from Court Road to Aldersley Road traffic lights will Palladium Low

taking bottles of water taking a mouthful and then chucking the nearly full bottle away, a number of people said that they nearly got hit by flying bottles of water!!!!!!! A member of staff was seen picking up the bottles and pouring the water down the drain!!! What a waste.

Mens Polo Ralph Lauren Shoes Sale

Tettenhall Road up to Chapel Ash, Ring Road, Waterloo Road, Newhampton Road East and Hunter Street will be closed or restricted from around 8.30am to Mens Polo Ralph Lauren Shoes Sale around 10.15am, or until all the runners have passed through.

Mens Polo Ralph Lauren Shoes Sale

Lower Street will become one way from Aldersley Road to The Rock from 8.30am to around 2.30pm.

Park Road East, Park Road West and Albert Road will both be closed from around 8am to 3.30pm as people Lacoste High Tops Mens

Cyclists will be getting on their bikes from 9am, the full and half marathons will start at 9.15am and the sounding gun for the children's mini marathon will be sounded at 9.25am.

Mens Polo Ralph Lauren Shoes Sale

pass through on the race.

Oxley Moor Road from Green Lane to Blaydon Road will be closed from 8.45am until around 1.15pm.

Mens Polo Ralph Lauren Shoes Sale

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