Ralph Lauren Baby Shoes Sale

Ralph Lauren Baby Shoes Sale

Ralph Lauren Baby Shoes Sale

he wants is parity he wants the same equipment, the same opportunity and that is great that he has that confidence and that approach that he doesn't want favouritism he just wants parity and I think that is what Lewis felt a little bit awkward about the situation."

The German was heard on the team radio arguing with Brawn that he was quicker than Hamilton, whilst Martin Brundle suggested during commentary of the race that the 2008 World Champion might not have left McLaren without some guarantee of preferential treatment.

"Of course Lewis wants to race in the contractual negotiations we had with Lewis, never was the issue of who was number one or number two ever mentioned from his side," the Mercedes Team Principal said on The F1 Show.

"I think what wasn't fully appreciated at the time is that we had a situation develop on both cars with fuel. We weren't comfortable with either car and I could see a scenario with both drivers competing against each other, in a strong way, it is difficult to marry managing the fuel with a full blown fight with your team mate.

"I am clear to make the decisions that I need to make and I am quite happy to justify them and I will put my hands up if I have made the wrong decision. But somebody has to Lacoste Carnaby Evo Light Pink

Brawn also hinted that members of the Mercedes management team were not happy about the decision he took during the race, but insists he has permission to make the strategy calls from the pitwall.

The 58 year old admitted he did not like calling off the fight at the Sepang International Circuit, but says both cars were running low on fuel something that may have not been apparent to Prada Black Suede Wedge Ankle Boots

Ralph Lauren Baby Shoes Sale

"Now Niki (Lauda) or Toto (Wolff) might not agree with it, but I had all the information, I had all the facts. I had what I feel was all the information to make that decision and they didn't and I think they both recognised after the event that it was the correct decision.

"I didn't like having to give the orders I gave in Malaysia, it is not in my sporting nature and the team have demonstrated many times in the fast that we are very happy to let our drivers race each other over the past few years we have often done that."

Ralph Lauren Baby Shoes Sale

"I don't like having to take those decisions, but from a technical perspective we would have looked very foolish if we had run both cars out of fuel," he added.

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Ralph Lauren Baby Shoes Sale

make those decisions you can't have those decisions made by a group or a committee, there is no time. I won't Ralph Lauren Baby Shoes Sale get it right all the time if I can get it right 70% or 80% of the time then I am doing well."

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Ralph Lauren Baby Shoes Sale

Ross Brawn has insisted there is no number one driver at Mercedes after the team told Nico Rosberg not to challenge Lewis Hamilton for third place in Malaysia.

the fans at the time.

Ralph Lauren Baby Shoes Sale

Ross Brawn says Lewis Hamilton and Nico Rosberg both have equal status at Mercedes

Ralph Lauren Baby Shoes Sale

Ralph Lauren Baby Shoes Sale

Ralph Lauren Baby Shoes Sale

Ralph Lauren Baby Shoes Sale

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