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want the North to be well represented in our government, if we are reelected.

Although he wasn't there in person, Hudak said his platform includes much that should appeal to Northern Ontario residents including the repeal of the Liberal Far North Act, a plan for the Ring of Fire and more affordable hydro bills.

Horwath took every opportunity to make digs at the Liberal party (mainly over the $1.1 billion gas plant Men Lacoste Sneakers

Ring of Fire front and centre in debate

federal government's equal contribution.

Polo Ralph Lauren Shoes Uk Sale

Polo Ralph Lauren Shoes Uk Sale

doesn matter where you live in the province you going to agree with the government wage freeze," Hudak said, referring to his campaign commitment to freeze wages in the broader public sector until the provincial budget is balanced in 2016.

are hardworking, honest people and you deserve a hardworking, honest government, Horwath continued. starts by cleaning up corruption. We have to clean up the corruption at Queen's Park. restated the Liberal's $1 billion commitment for a road to the Ring of Fire, with or without the federal government stepping in. The rejected budget said the province's $1 billion was conditional on the Prada Shoes Fall 2017

Polo Ralph Lauren Shoes Uk Sale

From Thornhill, Hudak told reporters no party leader's been in the North as much as him.

is obvious the Ring of Fire a great opportunity for Northern Ontario an opportunity that's sat waiting to be realized while the Liberals have done nothing over the past couple of years. Cliffs Natural Resources, one of the companies with a stake in the Ring, sold its exploration camp proves no confidence in the Liberals to get it right, she continued. investment has to come right away. countered Noront Resources's interest in buying the Cliffs camp indicates there is confidence in the Liberal plan, which includes setting up a development corporation within two months if reelected. During the debate, the Liberals sent a scoffing press release to say the official NDP platform didn't allocate any money for the Ring.

Polo Ralph Lauren Shoes Uk Sale

Polo Ralph Lauren Shoes Uk Sale

cancellations), while Wynne focused on her party's policies.

Polo Ralph Lauren Shoes Uk Sale

Polo Ralph Lauren Shoes Uk Sale


very important to me that people understand the plan we're putting forward is for the whole province, and it is Polo Ralph Lauren Shoes Uk Sale different in the North, said Wynne. my first year of the job as premier I said I would have a cabinet meeting in Northern Ontario. I did that and will do it Palladium Boots Kid

Polo Ralph Lauren Shoes Uk Sale

Polo Ralph Lauren Shoes Uk Sale

uncertain times, our plan for jobs and growth and building Ontario up is the right plan for Ontario, it's the right plan for Northern Ontario. So let's get at it. believe Ontario is a great province and I believe it can be stronger when all regions are thriving, including the North, Horwath said in conclusion. clear the Liberals don't deserve to be reelected.

think there been no leader who spent more time over the years in Northern Ontario than me," Hudak said Monday when asked if he was snubbing the North.

making a $1 billion commitment with or without the federal government, she said. need a federal partner . but we're going to move ahead with or without (it). NDP, Horwath said, would also contribute $1 billion for the Ring and more if need be.

Polo Ralph Lauren Shoes Uk Sale

Ring of Fire is a national project that is at least as important as the oil sands in Alberta, Wynne stated. She reminded watchers of the agreement signed between the province and nine Matawa member First Nations groups to work together on the project.

pleased Ms. Wynne decided to join us today, Horwath said, adding Hudak's absence up his opinion of northerners.

the New Democrats, it is game on. It's time for a premier for all of Ontario. My Ontario includes the North. The NDP plan is a plan for you because it was built with you. Conservative Leader Tim Hudak said he would have liked to have participated in the Northern Ontario debate but his schedule nixed an appearance.

Polo Ralph Lauren Shoes Uk Sale

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