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Whether it is with your family, your friends or simply being out and about on your own the overall benefit of a vibrant city should not be discounted. Your RCMP members will also be active this summer with foot patrols, bike patrols and road safety initiatives to ensure we are visible and support a safe summer for all of us.

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June 21st is National Aboriginal Day and a time to recognize the cultures and contributions of the First Nations, Inuit and M peoples of Canada.

The problem with the sexting phenomenon is two fold: (1) laws designed to protect young people are being broken and (2) people are becoming victims of exploitation. Under the Criminal Code of Canada it is against the law to create, distribute, or possess sexual images or videos of children under 18. Consider the following scenario: a 16 year old girl takes a topless photo of herself and sends it to her boyfriend. The couple breaks up and the boyfriend shares the image with a few buddies who then do Louis Vuitton Black Flat Shoes

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The Phenomenon of a society that relies so heavily on technology, it is not surprising that the use of computers and smartphones to communicate romantic feelings is becoming more common. But just how far are people willing to take on screen flirtation?

We also have provided information about emerging social issues and crime trends related to technology and specifically hand held devices. Each of these articles helps inform and well as provide information on how to protect yourself to ensure your Palladium Shoes For Women

When asked what made him decide on policing as a career, Cst Derrick responded it was a result of a dare. Prior to becoming a Police officer, he was a cooking instructor at a First Nations community centre and always encouraged his students to develop themselves professionally. You can do whatever you want to do he would say. In response, one of his students dared him to become a Police Officer to which Cst Derrick took him up on the challenge. Eighteen months later he was on the road and working general duty in Surrey. This spontaneous decision has resulted in a very fulfilling career path.

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Ralph Lauren Shoes Wedges

Safe Communities

the same. Legally speaking, everyone in this chain Ralph Lauren Shoes Wholesale

Cst Derrick ancestry comes from the Gitxsan nation which has traditional territory that occupies over 33,000 square kilometers in the North West region of BC. Although born in Smithers BC, Cst Derrick grew up in the Prince George area. He became involved with skateboarding at a very young age, which eventually lead to a passon for snowboarding.

People are feeling more comfortable than ever before to hide behind a screen and type bold sexual statements or requests that they likely would not face to face. Most often this occurs in the form of young males asking young girls to send photos of themselves in lingerie or in nude or topless poses. In more extreme cases, requests have been made for videos depicting sexual acts. Sometimes the person receiving the request ignores it, politely declines Ralph Lauren Shoes Wedges it, or shoots it down out of disgust. Other times, the request is fulfilled or someone opts to send a racy image or video without being asked.

of communication, including the girl who created the image in the first place, could face charges for the creation, distribution, and/or possession of child pornography.

personal safety.

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I would also like to highlight the some of the topics in this summer edition of the Safe Homes, Safe Communities Newsletter. In this edition we profile a First Nations Constable who serves at the Surrey Detachment as June 21st is National Aboriginal Day and is a time to recognize the cultures and contributions of the First Nations, Inuit and M peoples of Canada.

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The RCMP has over 1,500 employees (including police officers, civilian members and public servants) who identify themselves as Aboriginal. One of them is Surrey RCMP member, Cst Troy Derrick. He joined the RCMP in 2005 and his first posting was Surrey. Still with Surrey RCMP, he currently serves as the First Nations Liaison Officer. Over these 7 years, he has contributed to the development of many positive relations between the Surrey RCMP and local First Nations communities.

I would like to wish you a safe and fun summer ahead.

refers to sending sexualized comments, images, or videos through technology such as text messaging, email, or social media. It is a growing trend especially amongst youth, many of whom have access to phones with built in cameras and internet access.

Message from OIC

Over 1,500 people attended the event to help us kick off National Police Week (May 12 May 18). There were a number of highlights to the day that were a hit with both children and adults alike.

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Cst Derrick has built strong and meaningful relationship with local First Nations groups, He has become quite involved with the local community. For instance, he is involved with a Mural Project at Semiahmoo Secondary School where he helps youth use graffiti art in a positive way. You may see him driving around the South Surrey/ White Rock area, and if you do, take a moment to speak with him as he is happy to share some time and inspirational stories with you.

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Over the summer months many of us will take the opportunity to enjoy the parks and recreation opportunities that Surrey has to offer. By being active in your community you will play a part in community safety.

Aside from legality, the girl who sent a sensitive image of herself to someone she cared for has now had her trust violated, privacy invaded, and reputation smeared. Even more alarming is the fact that some of the exploited victims are bullied, harassed, and blackmailed into sending more sexual images in order to prevent their photo from going viral. This highlights the importance of prevention through education.

National Aboriginal Day

Ralph Lauren Shoes Wedges

Ralph Lauren Shoes Wedges

Ralph Lauren Shoes Wedges

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