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He said: don believe in the nonsense spoken about the identity of certain countries and how they play. I don see the vast amount of difference between how we try and the way Germany try to play.

"In the second half, we see a bad goal conceded and somewhat a freakish goal and suddenly you've lost two and you're out of the competition before we've even started. It was a bitter blow and it's going to take more than a couple of months to come out Palladium Boots Monochrome

he didn do that and the reason why is because he wanted to consider all of the things we talked about and make a decision he could accept and live with. It wasn easy for him to turn his back on England because he so much enjoyed playing for England and he done such a good job for us.

Palladium Baggy Boots Ebay

Palladium Baggy Boots Ebay

Palladium Baggy Boots Ebay

Asked if he expected Gerrard to quit international football, Hodgson replied: not necessarily. It was a tough decision for him and one that he agonised over.

don think I can expect him to say make me captain because in 2018 I want to lead the team out because I don think he will be thinking that himself.

there is a major difference between the 11 players in the German shirt and the 11 players in the England shirt. But if we are talking about how they attack and build up their attacks, or how they keep possession and seek for openings when they have got the ball, I don see a vast amount of difference in philosophy or style.

Asked for his reflections on the World Cup almost two months on, Palladium Baggy Boots Ebay he said: "Still great disappointment, and the feeling of enormous frustration because the preparations had gone very well.

Roy Hodgson disappointed with England's early exit from the Brazil World Cup 2014

the moment, Frank concentration has to be on this Manchester City job and in New York, where he could very well be captain.

has been plenty of dark moments plenty Palladium Desert Boots

"I thought the players were very focused and everyone was so committed to doing very well and we honestly believed we could.

the same defensively. I don see what they are trying to do to keep compact to put pressure on the ball, to try and keep the team united close together, to block crosses. I don see the great difference in philosophy there either.

to the first part and no to the second, he added. don need to compare to other European countries, let just stay as England. I have got a big job ahead of me I believe to choose that captain and that what Lacoste Shoes For Women Latest

"We lose the first game and in my opinion, a little bit unluckily. We certainly played well enough and deserved more. Sadly we go into the second game and things are going okay and we got ourselves going.

of times after looking back on things that you can believe fate has put you in that sort of situation, he added.

Palladium Baggy Boots Ebay

Palladium Baggy Boots Ebay

have half chosen him. The person who is captain for the Norway game will be the person I will be designating to hopefully be the captain in 2016.

went through all the possible discussion points that you could have and I made my points of why I wanted him to stay on and he promised to give it a thought. I promised him that I know he would have given a lot of thought at all potential points that I made, and so I will accept with good grace whatever his decision is. Lampard was England vice captain in Brazil despite not featuring in the first two games, while Wayne Rooney is widely regarded as the favourite to take over the captaincy from Gerrard.

ever you want to know about the small margins in football and the fact that it is anything other than an exact science, that random things that happen in the game makes all the difference, I could give you six or seven examples from the World Cup that made winners into losers and vice versa. also paid tribute to Gerrard and revealed he wanted the Liverpool midfielder to retain the armband for the forthcoming European Championship campaign.

is the vice captain and there is Wayne Rooney so there are two candidates, said Hodgson, who was then asked if he knew who the next captain will be and whether the new skipper had been informed.

I working on.

Palladium Baggy Boots Ebay

Palladium Baggy Boots Ebay

Palladium Baggy Boots Ebay

fact is I would quite happily relinquish this job when my employers think don want me here anymore and the players don have the respect necessary and that they don want to continue to play or me. In that moment if it is time for me to walk away, I will do so.

this time, it was made clear to me that that wasn the situation that the FA wanted me to continue in the job and the feedback within the team was the same. So therefore there was never any doubt in my mind that I shouldn continue.

Hodgson's side suffered 2 1 defeats to both Italy and Uruguay before goalless draw against Costa Rica saw them finish bottom of their group.

Palladium Baggy Boots Ebay

having said that, if he is with us in the first game, who knows. Then he could captain us that day. can hear more from Roy Hodgson's exclusive interview throughout the day on Sky Sports News HQ in its new home ch.401.

only walk away when, A, you can stand the pressure or, B, that you don feel that you are good enough to do the job and in that situation, I can safely and strongly say that I never felt that at all. also played down suggestions that England should play with their own identity, insisting his side style compared favourably with World Cup winners Germany.

of that.

would have been easy for him after the World Cup just to say it has been tremendous, I disappointed it hasn gone better for us but that it for me'.

have a lot of rebuilding to do not only of rebuilding our team but also rebuilding all the faith that people showed us. We felt that people were behind us and like ourselves believing this could be a good tournament for us but it turns out to be a bad tournament for you. a result, we have to look forward to 2016 and make certain that we don allow it to happen again and hope we don have the same lack of fortune as well that we perhaps suffered as well. Gerrard captained England in Brazil and announced his retirement from international football last month, but Hodgson insisted he never had any intention of standing down.

Roy Hodgson has admitted in an exclusive interview with Sky Sports News HQ that he still feels "great disappointment" over England's early exit from the World Cup in Brazil.

Palladium Baggy Boots Ebay

Palladium Baggy Boots Ebay

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