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"They taught us how to address them, if we wanted to curtsey we could curtesy, but if we didn't want to we didn't have to because it wasn't expected of us," she said.

Palladium Shoes For Ladies

"We were separated into groups and lined up on either side of the room," she said.

Being a royal buff, Jasmine was thrilled when she received her invitation.

"She asked what we wanted to do when we finished school, so I told her I want to do behavioural psychology and she asked why and if I studied psychology," Jasmine said.

"We all shook her hand and told her where we were each from, in my group there was a couple of us from the country and she was really interested in what country schools are like and how they work.

"People on one side of the room met Kate, and those on the other side met Will."

Palladium Shoes For Ladies

Palladium Shoes For Ladies

Palladium Shoes For Ladies

Read more about Jasmine's nomination.

"I'm just really happy, I feel very lucky to be able to have had this opportunity." Jasmine Heron

"It was full on," she said.

Local girl meets Duchess of Cambridge Jasmine Heron curtseyed for the future Queen of England Boots Palladium

About 200 students from around South Australia shared the experience with Jasmine, from both the country and city.

Still gleaming from the experience, Jasmine said it would be a story she old her future children Palladium Shoes For Ladies and grandchildren.

Palladium Shoes For Ladies

The Duchess Louis Vuitton Boots Uk

Palladium Shoes For Ladies

Jasmine was invited to a reception at the Playford Civic Centre in Adelaide on Wednesday, April 23 at which the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge stopped by during their Australian tour.

Upon arrival Jasmine said she realised how tight the security was going to be at the centre.

Before being introduced to the royals, the students were given a crash course on royal etiquette.

Local girl Jasmine Heron recently represented Whyalla when she was given the opportunity to meet the Duchess of Cambridge.

"We were given the 'royal treatment'."

Palladium Shoes For Ladies

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"We were introduced to her as prefects and Kate said 'oh prefects, I'm a bit intimidated'," she said.

All students waited in anticipation before the Duke and Duchess were announced over the speaker and began panning the room.

Palladium Shoes For Ladies

Palladium Shoes For Ladies

"I'm just really happy, I feel very lucky to be able to have had this opportunity," she said.

Palladium Shoes For Ladies

last month when she attended a reception of the royal kind.

royal experience

asked Jasmine's group what they wanted to do upon completion of school and Jasmine's career goal struck an interest.

After signing in, Jasmine was asked to surrender her phone, any cameras or iPods to a cloak room inside before being scanned with a metal detector.

Lucky enough for Jasmine, she was on the side of the room where she was able to meet the Duchess.

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Jasmine was nominated by Catholic Education to attend the prestigious reception.

"Kate was talking to members of the special olympics in front of us and we all were just like 'wow she is so gorgeous'," Jasmine said.

"She asked a lot of questions."

"We were given a ticket to put on the right side of the car so the security could just look for that and let us in," Jasmine said.

Palladium Shoes For Ladies

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