Palladium French Military Canvas Boots

Palladium French Military Canvas Boots

Among a contingent from Hull, where Steve played over 100 games, was fan Lee Franks who had accompanied Steve on a fund raising challenge.

Palladium French Military Canvas Boots

Beside them was another RL character, Leeds' coach Brian McDermott, who was obviously moved at young Taylor Prescott's brave eulogy, hurriedly wiping a tear from his right eye.

respected sportsman and all round good guy.

A crowd of about 1,000 people listened to the service outside church, and around 100 who had intended to go inside were unable to do so because it was packed to capacity.

Palladium French Military Canvas Boots

Fans and others who had been inspired by Steve's brave battle were there to pay tribute to a remarkable person, a highly Prada Shoes 2016

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Former Saints hero Frankie Barrow, who was instrumental in Steve turning professional with the Knowsley Road outfit, summed him up simply: "He Palladium French Military Canvas Boots was a great lad."

"It was ironic because during our time there the club went bankrupt and Steve went back to Hull. He was a really good bloke and it's a pleasure to have known him."

And Geoff Fletcher, much travelled RL player, coach and manager, who was one of the last to leave the church grounds, likened Steve to his father and former Salford favourite Eric.

"Steve was a good guy, an inspiration. He united the Rugby League family and it's been a pleasure to support the Steve Prescott Foundation."

here to show our respect. Steve has done a lot for the club," said Marlene.

Palladium French Military Canvas Boots

Palladium French Military Canvas Boots

After the service England coach Steve McNamara recalled how he and Steve travelled together from Hull after Steve joined him at Wakefield in 2000.

duo Derek and Marlene Downey who have been Saints fans since the 1960s.

Among the first to arrive outside St Mary's were Haydock Palladium Boots Maroon

Those alongside the North Road bus stop included some famous faces. England and Wigan team members Sean O'Loughlin, Sam Tomkins, Lee Mossop and Liam Farrell rubbed soldiers with Saints fans all united in common grief.

The close knit Rugby League community did Steve proud. Shortly after the lower section of North Road had been closed to traffic the England World Cup RL team coach arrived and dropped off squad members who went inside the church for the service.

The quartet stood in the rain throughout the service, clearly respectful that others had also been denied a place in a pew.

Palladium French Military Canvas Boots

Palladium French Military Canvas Boots

Derek echoed her view saying: "He was a good player but he has been a great ambassador for rugby league."

"Steve was a gentleman, the spitting image of his dad, Eric, who was a real competitor and his lad took after him. People have turned out in force to pay tribute to Steve, it shows what Rugby League is about nobody forgets," said

Palladium French Military Canvas Boots

Palladium French Military Canvas Boots

Palladium French Military Canvas Boots

rugby league fans and players united in common grief' From St Helens Star

Eighty two year old Saints fan John Dorning, from Eccleston, said: "Steve was one of the best, both as a rugby player and as a man."

Palladium French Military Canvas Boots

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