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Right to Buy fraudsters lose bid for freedom Express Star

at a reduced rate from Sandwell Council.

To satisfy the requirements of the scheme, they falsely claimed to be sisters, that Hamza had lived in the property since 2004 and that Ahmed had been there for a year.

A total of 2,845 council owned properties were sold to tenants between April and June, a 31 per cent increase on the same period of 2013.

also Prada Shoes Camouflage had personal mitigation which should have allowed the crown court judge to suspend the sentences and let them go free.

in the Midlands and Scotland.

But they were caught out and each jailed for 20 months at Wolverhampton Crown Court in June.

"It was planned, it was persistent, it was dishonest from the outset and, significantly aggravating the culpability of both, persisted into a second fraudulent application.

Prada Shoes Camouflage

They both Ralph Lauren Trainers Pink

Appealing against their sentences today, lawyers for the pair argued that 20 month terms were too long.

Both had troubled backgrounds, while Hamza was a mother of six and sole carer to the youngest three of her children, the court was told.

If their first application had been successful, they would have been able to buy the property at a 26,000 discount, whereas the second would have been almost 50,000 cheaper.

Figures today show the number of homes sold through right to buy was up by almost a third year on year in the second quarter of the year as the housing market recovery and discounts for buyers fuelled sales.

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In fact, they were only close friends and Hamza had links to numerous other homes Palladium Shoes Women With Outfits

The appeals were dismissed.

Giving judgment, Mr Justice King said: "Ultimately we find ourselves with no sympathy with any of these submissions.

Prada Shoes Camouflage

"This was a serious case of fraud, seeking to cheat the Right to Buy scheme.

Zaynab Hamza, aged 45, and her close friend Sabina Ahmed, 29, lied in two failed bids to buy a house in Smethwick Louis Vuitton Men Shoes Red

Prada Shoes Camouflage

Prada Shoes Camouflage

Prada Shoes Camouflage

"It is sorry to have to record that both have, in their respective ways, sought to dilute their individual culpability but, in truth, both well knew what they were doing."

Prada Shoes Camouflage

Prada Shoes Camouflage

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