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Palladium Baggy Red

the RCMP International Anti Corruption Team efforts to combat bribery of foreign public officials led to a record $9.5 million in fines and victim surcharge;

Through cooperation with a number of domestic and foreign law enforcement and security and intelligence agencies, the RCMP has detected and prevented threats to national security. The RCMP extensive outreach efforts have also contributed to the prevention of national security threats by working with a number of communities in countering violent extremism and radicalization to violence. One area that requires improved capabilities is countering cyber threats 2 to national security. Terrorist groups have expressed interest in developing the capabilities for computer based attacks against Canada critical infrastructure. Cyber technology is vulnerable to those who attack digital infrastructure. Cyberspace is also easily used to recruit, communicate and facilitate criminal operations.

Palladium Baggy Red

Royal Canadian Mounted Police Departmental Performance Report 2011

as the Canada Revenue Agency and provincial asset forfeiture programs.

Strategic Outcomes and Program Activity Architecture (PAA)

the use of counterfeit notes passed into the Canadian financial system declined by 2.4 percent, continuing a downward trend since 2004 in currency counterfeiting;

Through cooperation with a number of domestic and foreign law enforcement and intelligence agencies, the RCMP

the Canadian Anti Fraud Centre disrupted criminal organizations and prevented Louis Vuitton Loafer Shoes For Men

was also successful in detecting and preventing other serious and organized acts of criminality including the disruption of over 17 human smuggling operations. As an area of improvement, the RCMP is undertaking initiatives to advance the application of tactical and strategic intelligence to police operations. Activities include promoting information sharing within law enforcement as well as strengthening partnerships between police and the private sector security community.

Palladium Baggy Red

Palladium Baggy Red

at the detachment level participate in local activities in order to develop and maintain relationships, creating an environment that promotes traditions and fosters equality and trust. On October 29, 2011, the RCMP presented a report entitled The Role of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police During the Indian Residential School System to the Truth and Reconciliation Commission.

Palladium Baggy Red

RCMP Program Activity Architecture

The RCMP, in collaboration with domestic and foreign law enforcement, as well as intelligence agencies and financial institutions, contributes to the stability of Canada economic and political systems 3. In this regard, the RCMP continues to make strides in the fight against economic crimes through the aggressive enforcement of laws related to money laundering, proceeds of crime, corruption, counterfeit currency and payment cards, identity fraud, bankruptcy and capital markets offences, as well as through proactive educational initiatives. Significant results were achieved in this reporting period as follows:

Palladium Baggy Red

The RCMP is proud of its work with many of Canada Aboriginal communities, providing policing services to over 600 Aboriginal communities across the country. Dedicated to building upon valued relationships, RCMP members Black Lacoste Trainers

Through awareness, education and enforcement, the RCMP has made significant contributions in reducing serious and organized criminality throughout Canada. In this reporting period, the RCMP was successful in disrupting 69 organized crime groups that represent criminal threats at the national and provincial levels. Disruptions included the arrests of targets, seizure or restraint of proceeds of crime and, in some cases, the total dismantlement of the organized crime group.

Palladium Baggy Red

National Security remains a top priority for Canadians and complements the Government of Canada overall objective to achieve a safe and secure Canada. The RCMP law enforcement mandate permitted the disruption of nine individuals and/or groups from carrying out criminal activity that posed a threat to national security. In this reporting period, there were a number of ongoing criminal investigations into threats to the security of Canada that resulted in criminal charges being laid against 25 individuals.

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Minister of Public Safety CanadaAs Canada Palladium Baggy Red national police force, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police is a critical element of the Government of Canada commitment to providing for the safety and security of Canadians.

It includes: preventing and investigating crime; maintaining peace and order; enforcing laws; contributing to national security; ensuring the safety of state officials, visiting dignitaries and foreign missions; and providing vital operational support services to other police and law enforcement agencies within Canada and abroad.

Palladium Baggy Red

the Integrated Market Enforcement Teams had six ongoing prosecutions before the courts;

Palladium Baggy Red

In developing the report, the RCMP sought to gain a better understanding of its role during the era, and through the publication of the study wished to document and demonstrate its dedication to the healing and reconciliation process. This report, while an assessment of past practices, will help set future direction to ensure positive actions and interactions. Finally, the RCMP has also implemented an online training course, and First Nations Awareness which is mandatory for new members and all employees of the RCMP in the Northern Territories. This course will help RCMP employees develop the skills and knowledge to recognize and ultimately respect Aboriginal values and traditions. Completion rates for the course have increased from 8.8 percent in 2009 10 to 16.4 percent

the RCMP Proceeds of Crime Program effected property seizures with a value in excess of $10 million and referred approximately $165 million of other unreported goods/monies to agencies such Palladium Boots High Heel

millions in losses and thousands of Canadians from being victimized; and

Palladium Baggy Red

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