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Mr Haese said the success of Cartledge Avenue could be replicated in other areas matching this criteria.

The council has also uploaded several demonstration videos on its website of various vehicles navigating roundabouts on Cartledge Avenue as well as Cudmore Terrace.

"The objective of council is to create safer streets for the community," Mr Haese said.

Mr Haese said the council was very happy with this outcome in driver behaviour.

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"Prior to roundabout installation, traffic data collected indicated that less that 32 per cent of motorists were travelling at or below the posted speed limit of 60 kilometres per hour," Mr Haese said.

Roundabouts reduce speed

"Data collected post installation has indicated that 98.1 per cent of motorists are now travelling within the posted speed limit."

"Although there has been only minor incidents along this section in recent history; the speed statistics pre roundabout installation, the steady increase in traffic observed due to recent development and the expansion of commercial ventures within the precinct, council has a duty of care to take preventative action."

Mr Haese said all movements were undertaken successfully.

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vehicles such as a 11.6 metre bus, a 12.8 metre car and boat/trailer, a 15 metre car and caravan combo and all emergency and refuse vehicles.

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"Now each vehicle is required to give way to vehicles approaching from only one direction being into their travel path from the right and are travelling at a much lower speed," Mr Haese said.

"Secondly, roundabouts by design reduce the number of collision points and the speed at which these collision points can occur."

Vehicles including a bus (12.5 metres) and four wheel drive and boat trailer (14.8 metres) were also observed and recorded negotiating the roundabouts via a number of movements left turn, right turn and straight through.

Mr Haese said previously Louis Vuitton Sneakers For Women High-top

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"The roundabouts have provided two major benefits, firstly they have modified driver behaviour by reducing speeds along the eastern section of Cartledge Avenue, this is due to motorists reducing speed in order to negotiate the roundabouts effectively from all three directions," Mr Haese said.

Roundabouts reduce speed the proof is inThe results are in and despite community backlash, the roundabouts installed on Cartledge Avenue have proven to dramatically reduce speeding behaviour in this area.

The roundabouts were designed to cater for several vehicle classifications under the general access mass and length limits.

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Civil and road designer Peter Haese said before the introduction of traffic calming measures on Cartledge Avenue, almost 70 per cent of drivers were exceeding the prescribed speed limit.

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road users were required to assess several directions of traffic before proceeding into the intersection from a minority road with cross traffic often exceeding the speed limit.

Mr Haese said these results strongly suggest that roundabouts are an effective treatment where traffic speed is a factor, where both roads approaching the roundabout have similar traffic volumes and where there is similar road geometry.

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In a traffic control presentation at the council's meeting last week, the engineering and infrastructure department were able to present a more than 50 per cent reduction in speeding.

"All these factors combine to create a traffic environment where the probability, frequency and severity of road trauma on our local streets is greatly reduced."

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